Specialist lists four books for those who are starting to undertake in Brazil


To be able to undertake, it is necessary to go beyond the physical needs of creating a business. Reading is a very important aspect in the creation process of any project. Therefore, entrepreneur Izaias Pertrelly with four books of great entrepreneurs for you to be inspired and take your idea further!

Izaias Pertrelly

1 – Blitzscaling, by Chris Yeh and Reid Hoffman

In “Blitzscaling,” LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh (investor, speaker, and startup mentor) explain the techniques that make a company go from scratch and become a multibillion-dollar market leader in just a few years.

  1. Nada Easy, by Tallis Gomes

In the book Nada Easy, the wonder boy develops a step-by-step guide on how to put entrepreneurship into practice, with all its pains and delights. Those who are thinking about opening a new business, or needing to sharpen their entrepreneurial streak, can see in the work a practical guide to opening, scaling and managing a startup in the country that is considered, by the author, as “a country of bureaucracy and interest rates”. gigantic”.

Reading is a very important aspect in the creation process of any project.
  1. Creativity S/A

In Creativity SA, Ed Catmull tells the success story of today’s most important and profitable animation studio, Pixar, which he helped to found, alongside Steve Jobs and John Lasseter, in 1986. From team meetings to brainstorm, Catmull shows how to build a culture of creativity, in a definitive book for those looking for inspiration for their own businesses.

CEO and entrepreneur Izaias Pertrelly separated some tips

4- No Limits – The History of Netshoes

From the garage store, to the world. Discover all the success of the largest ecommerce in Latin America, in the book Sem Limites – A História da Netshoes. Inspiration in each line written by José Eduardo Costa.


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