Team sees animal with bucket stuck in its head and decides to help

Team sees animal with bucket stuck in its head and decides to help
Team sees animal with bucket stuck in its head and decides to help

In November 2020, an animal was seen walking in a circle in the middle of the water with a bucket stuck to its head.

Without thinking twice, people came together to help him!

As soon as they removed the utensil, they discovered the most beautiful face.

The little animal that was there in need of help was wild.

Somehow, the deer got a can of paint stuck in its head and, in its desperation to get it out, ended up in the Long Island Sound lake, near Port Jefferson, in Suffolk County, New York, United States.

The deer had a can of paint stuck in its head. (Photo: Instagram/@strongislandanimalrescueleague)

Footage shows Frank Floridia, president of the NGO Strong Island Animal Rescue League, acting in favor of the animal.

Frank needed the help of a good Samaritan to lend and pilot a boat, as he tried to help the deer by swimming, but the water was too cold to resist.

Once he managed to remove the can from the deer’s head, he would return to shore on his own, at least that was what Frank thought.

That’s why he needed to do his best to help that little creature!

So he did!

Lying in front of the boat, the rescuer stretched as much as he could to reach the desperate little animal that was swimming without direction.

Until… the best happened!

Frank managed to remove the can from the deer’s head. (Photo: Instagram/@strongislandanimalrescueleague)

When he managed to grab the handle of the can, he pulled it away, and so the deer’s beautiful face could once again see the light of day.

Frank and the driver were thrilled with the feat. A little life was saved, thanks to the duo’s perseverance and love for animals!

The deer was still disoriented and, as a result, even freed, it continued to swim in circles.

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The solution found was for Frank to lie down on the edge of the boat, to hold the deer, while the good Samaritan calmly steered the boat to shore.

Being on the bank, the deer ran to dry land, happy that good people had crossed its path.

The animal ran to dry land. (Photo: Instagram/@strongislandanimalrescueleague)

Frank used this episode as a warning: avoid throwing trash in inappropriate places and always recycle when possible.

Thus, many animals would be saved, as they would not die due to human action.

Internet users reacted to the action. One user commented: “Thank you, it was amazing to watch” and another said “Oh, thank you so much for helping her! This just helps confirm that there are still a lot of good people left in this crazy world.”


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