On his deathbed, Japanese man reveals he is one of the country’s most wanted fugitives

On his deathbed, Japanese man reveals he is one of the country’s most wanted fugitives
On his deathbed, Japanese man reveals he is one of the country’s most wanted fugitives

Imagine running away for 50 years and handing yourself over to the police on your deathbed. This happened in Japan. Near the end of his life, a man who was among the country’s most wanted fugitives surprised authorities by turning himself in.

Satoshi Kirishima remained a fugitive from justice for almost 50 years, being one of the prominent members of a radical group that carried out bomb attacks in Japan in the 1970s, according to Japanese police this Friday (2). The information is from the G1 portal.

Last week, authorities went to a hospital near Tokyo to question the 70-year-old man. Kirishima announced that he was facing terminal cancer and wished to die using his real name rather than his alias, Hiroshi Uchida.

The man died last Monday (29), four days after being questioned by the police. Local newspaper ‘Kyoto News’ reported that Satoshi’s identity was posthumously confirmed by DNA tests, although police have not yet confirmed this version.

The head of Japan’s National Police Agency, Yasuhiro Tsuyuki, said he believes the man who died in hospital, after claiming to be Satoshi Kirishima, was indeed the suspect.

Escape strategies

Among the measures adopted by Kirishima to escape the law, the fugitive avoided using his cell phone and did not have life insurance. Furthermore, the Japanese man spent all these years receiving his salary in cash to avoid detection, as reported by public broadcaster NHK and other local outlets.

Kirishima worked for around 40 years at a construction company under a pseudonym.

Anti-Japan Front

Satoshi was not considered one of the crucial members of the group, known as the East Asian Anti-Japan Armed Front, however, his fame was cemented by being the only one of the 10 members who remained at large.

At the time, he was a university student in Tokyo when he began to get involved with the group’s activities.

The Anti-Japan Armed Front was an extremist organization that originated in the Asian country in 1972 and fought the actions of Japanese multinational companies. The group claimed to follow a radical ideology that advocated the destruction of the nation of Japan.

One of the most high-profile attacks attributed to the Front occurred in 1975. On that date, eight people died and more than 160 were injured in an attack on a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries building.

Kirishima is believed to have participated in several attacks carried out by the group, including the 1975 incident.

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