8 professions you probably don’t know; salaries will blow your mind!


Have you ever found yourself thinking about what it would be like to make a living doing a job? profession totally out of the ordinary?

Well, there are careers so different that they can surprise not only because of their peculiarity, but because of their salary attractions they offer.

Discover some of them below!

8 professions you probably don’t know

Professionals from different professions – Image: latino-life/CanvaPro

1. Grief Coordinator

He is the one who helps families during periods of terminal illness or bereavement, providing emotional support and planning assistance.

In the US, the average salary for this role is $95,017 annually.

2. Water Slide Evaluator

Testing the safety and fun of water slides is a serious responsibility, earning an average of $34,000 annually in the US.

3. Snake Venom Extractor

For the bravest, the profession of milking snakes offers the unique opportunity to contribute to the production of antivenoms, with an average pay of $19.21 per hour in the US.

4. Dog food taster

Yes, tasting dog food is also a profession! By evaluating the quality and flavor of food intended for pets, these professionals, in the USA, can earn up to $40,000 annually.

5. Personal horse trainer

Exercising horses before races is essential, and these professionals can earn up to $52,000 annually for maintaining horses. animals in shape.

6. Comfortable nights specialist

Bed testers ensure that mattresses provide restful nights of sleep, with an average salary of R$2,300 per month.

7. Personal Shopping Consultant

Believe it or not, getting paid to shop is a reality!

The personal buyer not only purchases products for third parties, but also provides valuable guidance, with an average salary that can reach R$2,750 per month.

8. Coffin Fitting Room

The coffin fitter ensures that these objects are comfortable for future occupants, with a monthly remuneration of around R$2,300.

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