Russia bars Putin’s opponent from presidential elections

Russia bars Putin’s opponent from presidential elections
Russia bars Putin’s opponent from presidential elections

Vladimir Putin’s regime in Russia blocked the candidacy of a political opponent, former deputy Boris Nadejdin, for the 2024 presidential elections this Friday, February 2.

The vice-president of the electoral commission, Nikolai Bulaiev, stated that there were irregularities in the candidacy and that more technical reasons would possibly be given to disqualify Nadejdin, considered a strong opponent of Putin.

Questions about documentation and signatures

To appear on the list of candidates for the elections that will be held between March 15 and 17, Nadejdin submitted signatures from more than 100,000 supporters from across the country to the electoral commission.

However, according to Nikolai Bulaiev, some of these signatures belong to deceased people.

“There was an expectation of some errors in the lists, but when we found dozens of people who are no longer alive and who supposedly signed the document, the question remains about the honesty of the methods used, including by the person who collected the signatures. And the candidate, to a certain extent, is directly involved in this”said Bulaiev.

Answer from Nadejdin

In response to questions from the commission set up by Putin, Nadejdin made a joke in a message to his supporters on Telegram.

“You and I are the most alive of the living. If anyone imagines they see dead souls on my subscription lists, that’s not a question for me, maybe they should go to the church, or an exorcist.”he argued.

The decision of the Electoral Commission

The Russian Election Commission will announce in the second week of February the candidates authorized to participate in the presidential elections.

Nadejdin’s growing visibility could be a threat to Putin and the Kremlin could look for an excuse to block him.

The former deputy is known for his harsh criticism of Putin and the war in Ukraine.

In past elections, electoral authorities have already disqualified candidates whose supporters’ signatures were considered invalid.

Who is Nadejdin?

Former deputy of the Duma, the Russian parliament, and former councilor in Moscow, he now has an infinitely bolder objective: to prevent, at the polls, a sixth term for Vladimir Putin as president of Russia.

He has already managed to take the first and surprising step: this Tuesday, the 23rd, he got 100 thousand signatures needed to be placed on ballots across the country.

About his government plan, little is known other than his intention to immediately end his country’s invasion of Ukraine and sign a peace treaty with Kiev. His opposition work, however small and based on mandates that have already ended, indicates that his positions are antagonistic to Trump.

The problem, however, is whether he will, in fact, be able to stay in the race: Nadezhdin enters a field where Putin — in office almost uninterruptedly for 24 years — dominates all the rules of the game, removing potential rivals from the autocrat when they pose a threat to his re-election.

In 2018, Alexei Navalny emerged as a potential candidate to unite the opposition against Putin. He ended up arrested and convicted of corruption (which he denies), and was prevented from running. Boris Nemtsov, with whom Nadezhdin was close, was also an opposition figure to Putin. He ended up dead on a Moscow bridge in 2015.

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