Customer orders guacamole at a restaurant and receives ingredients to prepare it at the table


Customer is surprised with ingredients to prepare guacamole on the table

Photo: Reproduction/TikTok

A customer ordered guacamole at Baja Betty’s, a Mexican restaurant located in San Diego, United States, and was surprised with the ingredients on the table to prepare it herself.

The video published on TikTok went viral when it showed the customer’s reaction to the situation and the moment she prepared the guacamole has already surpassed 4.7 million views.

“She ordered chips and guacamole without knowing that she would have to prepare it herself,” wrote the author of the video in a text that appears in the recording. In the caption, she adds: “Does she have to pay for this?”

In the comments, some users liked the restaurant’s proposal. “I love this because I hate cilantro and restaurants always want to put it in guacamole for some reason,” wrote one.

“I would love this. The effort makes it tastier…”, said another internet user.

“This is really cool so you can control what’s in it and get fresh avocado,” said one TikTok profile.

“Once I ordered a salad and they came and placed it next to my table. The other time I ate there, I begged them to bring it to my table pre-prepared,” said another customer at the restaurant.

The way the dish is served is highlighted on the Baja Betty’s menu, which describes the item as “make your own guacamole with fresh avocado, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapeños, grilled lime, a pinch of sea salt and a basket of potatoes fries.”

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