“Carluxo’s daughter, I’m sure, is Jair’s”, says Torturra

“Carluxo’s daughter, I’m sure, is Jair’s”, says Torturra
“Carluxo’s daughter, I’m sure, is Jair’s”, says Torturra

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In an interview with the Fórum Onze e Meia program this Thursday (1), journalist Bruno Torturra stated that he has “no doubt” that Carlos Bolsonaro’s daughter is Jair Bolsonaro’s.

The editor-in-chief of Greg News stated that there is evidence that Bolsonaro had a child in an extra-marital relationship and that his son took over the child.

“Carluxo’s daughter, I’m sure, is Jair’s, guys. The daughter is not Carluxo’s”, said Torturra.

“This is increasingly obvious. It has always been obvious. But as the months go by, we see that Carluxo did not appear with this child. She does not appear with this child. She does not exist in the Bolsonaro family, which is a family -family”, continues the journalist.

“Carluxo doesn’t have a girlfriend either,” he says. “It’s not that he had a parallel affair… ‘damn, this daughter is not very suitable… I’m here with my wife, this daughter appeared in the United States’. No. He took over this daughter two days before giving birth, in the most discreet way possible. Since a child born into the Bolsonaro family is a giant election asset.”

“It would be an opportunity for you to make the whole family. Go there, visit your granddaughter, make a postcard, show how they are as a family. They did it discreetly because she was born very shortly before the election”, he adds.

Torturra also addresses the story of Martha Seillier, mother of Carlos Bolsonaro’s son. “The whole story of this employee at the Ministry of Economy, she was totally close to Bolsonaro and she was exiled to the United States without her own family eight, nine months before giving birth,” he added.

“She came to spend her pregnancy in another country? In another country? Away from her family? Away from her father, Carlos Bolsonaro? Carlos Bolsonaro didn’t go to visit her? It’s very strange, right?”, he asks.

“Bolsonaro was in the United States when the child was born. Didn’t Bolsonaro go visit his granddaughter? Why was it that nine months earlier Michele Bolsonaro was pissed off saying she wasn’t going to be part of Bolsonaro’s campaign? Do you remember that? I saw the calendar nine months before. So, I personally have no doubt due to the circumstances and the way the family behaved and Carlos Bolsonaro’s history that this daughter is Jair’s”, he adds.

Check out Bruno Torturra’s full interview with Fórum Onze e Meia this Thursday:

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