27 governors support Texas border policy; 10 are against


The state’s Republican government approved the installation of barbed wire on the border with Mexico, contradicting the Biden administration

At least 27 of the 50 governors of the United States supports Texas policy on the border with Mexico. Another 10 are against Republican governor Greg Abbott’s measures to address the migration crisis in the region.

Since January 10, US federal authorities and the Government of Texas have been in a dispute over control of the country’s border with Mexico. The tense scenario escalated after the State challenged a Supreme Court decision that recognized the “legal authority” of Democratic President Joe Biden’s government to remove barbed wire from the territory that separates the United States from its Hispanic neighbor.

In response, on Thursday (25 January 2024), 25 governors from the Republican Party issued a joint statement in support of state authorities and the right to “self-defense” from the governor of Texas.

In the document, they accuse the Biden government of “refusing to take action or take responsibility for the border crisis”.

Below is the list of signatories:

  • Kay Ivey – governor of Alabama;
  • Mike Dunleavy – governor of Alaska;
  • Sarah Sanders – governor of Arkansas;
  • Ron DeSantis – governor of Florida;
  • Brian Kemp – governor of Georgia;
  • Brad Little – governor of Idaho;
  • Eric Holcomb – governor of Indiana;
  • Kim Reynolds – governor of Iowa;
  • Jeff Landry – governor of Louisiana;
  • Tate Reeves – governor of Mississippi;
  • Mike Parson – governor of Missouri;
  • Greg Gianforte – governor of Montana;
  • Jim Pillen – governor of Nebraska;
  • Joe Lombardo – governor of Nevada;
  • Chris Sununu – governor of New Hampshire;
  • Doug Burgum – governor of North Dakota;
  • Mike DeWine – governor of Ohio;
  • Kevin Stitt – governor of Oklahoma;
  • Henry McMaster – governor of South Carolina;
  • Kristi Noem – governor of South Dakota;
  • Bill Lee – governor of Tennessee;
  • Spencer Cox – governor of Utah;
  • Glenn Youngkin – governor of Virginia;
  • Jim Justice – governor of West Virginia; It is
  • Mark Gordon – governor of Wyoming.

After the letter was released, only one Democrat, Colorado governor Jared Polis, expressed support for Abbott’s policies, including maintaining barbed wire border fences. On the other hand, 10 governors aligned with Biden took a stand against the immigration control measures adopted by Texas.

The majority of the 23 Democratic governors (12) did not comment on the dispute in the region.


The US president accuses Texas of blocking federal agents’ access to part of the US-Mexico border and wants to regain control over the area. The governor of Texas wants courts to change the jurisdiction that gives the White House almost exclusive control over immigration issues.

On January 22, the US Supreme Court ruled, by 5 votes to 4, that federal officials can remove the barbed wire placed by the State of Texas on the border with Mexico. Here is the full decision (PDF – 582 kB, in English).

However, even after the determination, Governor Greg Abbott stated that he will place more barriers to protect “further” the border – which is used by illegal migrants to enter the country.

“We are going to make illegal entry into Texas impossible, and that includes keeping the National Guard at the border, building more barriers, as the former president did [Donald] Trump, as well as extending barbed wire across the state of Texas.”he stated in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday (25th January).

On the following date, on January 26, Biden reported that he was negotiating with the Senate a set of reforms in an agreement on the border. He promised control “tougher and fairer”. The ongoing negotiation gives the president new emergency authority to close the region when it becomes overwhelmed. The Democrat spoke in “close the border” as soon as he signs the bill.

Seeking re-election on November 5, Biden faces opposition from Republicans in bipartisan border negotiations.

The city of Eagle Pass, about 700 km from Dallas (Texas), forms the backdrop to the dispute between the State and the United States Federal Forces. The city is neighboring Piedras Niegras, Mexico. Only the Rio Grande, one of the main rivers in the USA and Mexico, separates the 2 municipalities.

According to a report from Wall Street JournalIn September, the passage of immigrants using the city of Eagles Pass to reach the United States overwhelmed local authorities. In one week, 10,000 migrants entered the country illegally, according to Border Patrol estimates.

The growing wave led the city’s mayor, Democrat Rolando Salinas Jr., to declare a state of emergency.

The Texas government uses the context to claim control of the situation.

Below, the map shows where Eagle Pass is (it’s the red dot):

Below are the main facts of the case, in chronological order:

  • 10.jan.2023 – the Texas National Guard prevents the Border Patrol from accessing Shelby Park, in Eagle Pass, to deploy mobile surveillance equipment;
  • 12.jan – 3 people drown in Shelby Park. The Biden administration says the episode shows that “Texas is steadfast in its efforts to exercise full control of the border and land and block Border Patrol access even in emergency circumstances.” The Texas Military Department tells the CNN that there was no request for access to the site by the Border Patrol on the night of the deaths;
  • 13.jan – According to CNN, the Mexico’s National Migration Institute tells the Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector that 7 migrants attempted to cross the Rio Grande the night before. On the same day, Texas also allows, with restrictions, Patrol access to the boat ramp in the Shelby Park area;
  • 15.jan – a Border Patrol agent crosses an access road and is questioned by a member of the Texas National Guard. On the same day, the Biden administration presents a document to the Supreme Court with details of the January 12 drownings;
  • 17.jan – according to the CNN, this was the date set by the US Department of Homeland Security for Texas authorities to end lockdowns and once again allow federal agents to resume operations in the area. However, Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office said Texas has not “would yield”
  • 22.jan – the US Supreme Court decides, by 5 votes to 4, that barbed wire placed in Texas can be removed by federal agents;
  • 23.jan – the US Department of Homeland Security sends a letter to the Texas Attorney General reiterating the Biden administration’s demand that the Shelby Park area be reopened to Border Patrol agents;
  • 25.jan – the governor of Texas tells Bloomberg that will put up more fences to protect “further” the border. On the same day, 25 Republican governors released an open letter in support of Greg Abbott. They mention the “constitutional right to self-defense of the State”;
  • 26.jan – date of the 2nd deadline set by the Department of Homeland Security for Texas to agree to fully reopen the Shelby Park area, in Eagles Pass, to United States Border Patrol.

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