Flight attendant claims he was fired from an Arab airline after using tinted moisturizer


The story of Gilbert, a former Qatar Airways cabin crew, has gained repercussions after he claimed to have been fired and deported for using tinted moisturizer during a night out in Doha, Qatar, according to an article published on the MSN news network, from Microsoft.

During a birthday celebration in Qatar, Gilbert and his friends were approached by a security guard who stated that an agent from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) wanted to speak to them.

They were then taken to a private room where their faces were wiped with baby wipes to remove the tinted moisturizer. Furthermore, their cell phones and identity cards were confiscated.

Gilbert and a friend requested to speak to the Indonesian embassy, ​​but were threatened with arrest if they refused to cooperate. They were taken to a police station where they were interrogated and charged with prostitution. The treatment Gilbert received would have been abusive, according to him.

Without being given justifiable reasons, Gilbert was later informed by Qatar Airways that he was being fired. Some time later, he and his friend were deported to the Saudi Arabian border, where their passports were handed over to the police.

Qatar Airways did not comment on the story, leaving only the former flight attendant’s version.

Gilbert, center, with friends – Personal Archive

The article is in Portuguese

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