Family discovers that 3-year-old American girl was kidnapped by Hamas


Abigail Edan, a 3-year-old American child, is among the victims kidnapped by Hamas in Israel.

The family believed that she had been killed along with her parents on the first day of the war, but discovered that Abigail is under the power of extremists in the Gaza Strip.

According to a government source, the girl is the youngest American hostage and the only minor among the others.

Abigail’s family was attacked on October 7, in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, where they lived. Her brothers, aged 6 and 10, said that their younger sister was with their father, in front of the house, when the Hamas men appeared and killed the man.

The mother was murdered afterwards, and from then on, they ran into the residence and locked themselves in a closet. The children spent more than 12 hours inside the mobile, waiting for Hamas to leave the territory.

They no longer saw Abigail when they left and believed she had died. The American government only became aware of the kidnapping because a witness informed the police and the family.

“Abigail survived the shooting and walked to her neighbors. The neighbors – husband, wife and three children – welcomed her. They put her in a bomb shelter,” said the girl’s great-aunt, Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, in an interview with CNN.

She also reported that the neighbor died trying to defend Abigail, his wife and three children. After the murder, Hamas men kidnapped the woman and four children.


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