Brazilians are allowed to leave the Gaza Strip, says TV

Brazilians are allowed to leave the Gaza Strip, says TV
Brazilians are allowed to leave the Gaza Strip, says TV

Brazilian vents about not having authorization to leave Gaza: ‘Only Israel’s allies are leaving’

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The group of Brazilians and their families who have been waiting for weeks for authorization to leave the Gaza Strip were notified, this Thursday, the 9th, that they will be able to leave the Palestinian territory. The information is from CNN Brazil.

The expectation is that a new list with the names of civilians authorized to leave Palestinian territory will be released later this evening. In total, 34 people are part of the group, 24 of whom are Brazilians and 10 close family members of Palestinian origin. They were awaiting approval to leave Palestinian territory through the Rafah crossing, on the border with Egypt.

The Brazilian government would have already been notified of the authorization. Members of the Brazilian embassy in Egypt would already be traveling from Cairo to Rafah.

Palestinians near the Rafah border, in the Gaza Strip, with Egypt

Photo: Reuters

Anxiety and frustration

The group of Brazilians has already been left off six lists of civilians authorized to leave the territory. The delay would have caused friction between Itamaraty and the Israeli government.

Brazilian envoys, who are involved in negotiations for the civilians’ exit, emphasized that the Brazilian government was one of the first nations to deliver a list of those in Gaza in need of repatriation. Furthermore, there has been a plane parked in Egypt for weeks, waiting to rescue the group.

Negotiations to rescue the group involve Chancellor Mauro Vieira and special advisor Celso Amorim, as well as President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Source: Redação Terra

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