‘Pro-Palestine’ militants vandalize the White House


On the night of Saturday 4, “pro-Palestinian” militants vandalized the White House, the residence and workplace of the President of the United States.

They shook the gate of an entrance to the mansion while shouting insults at the president Joe Biden, and carried out vandalism with hand prints using red paint. They also attempted to scale the gates, according to Fox News.

Protesters also covered the statue of General Marquis de Lafayette near Lafayette Park with graffiti and Palestinian flags. They were protesting against the support that the US government has given to Israel, which was invaded by Hamas terrorists on October 7. On that date, the group killed 1,400 people.

United States Secret Service resolved the situation

They shook the gate of an entrance to the mansion while shouting insults at President Joe Biden | Photo: Reproduction/YouTube/Capital City News

Waving the Palestinian flag, protesters climbed halfway up the White House fence. Many shouted “Free Palestine” in unison. Others shouted “ceasefire now!”

There were even militants who shouted “Allahu akbar”, which means “Allah is Great” is Arabic – and which has been used by Islamic fundamentalists in terrorist attacks on democratic nations.

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“We came here to allow our voices and our hearts to be heard and hoping that we change the way people view this conflict,” protester Manar Ghanayem told the US newspaper Washington Post.

The United States Secret Service said everything was resolved without incident. “Protesters are beginning to disperse from the area and the attempted breach of the previous gate was handled without incident by Secret Service Uniformed Division officers and support personnel,” Anthony Guglielmi, Secret Service chief of communications, told Fox News.

Ron Halber, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Group, said the protesters “are wholeheartedly supporting a homicidal terrorist organization that massacred 1,400 Israelis in cold blood and took countless civilians hostage, including from our own country.” He said the militants are “misinformed and reactionary, and history will judge them for siding with terrorists instead of supporting a democracy that tries to defend itself.”

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