How to make homemade BLEACH detergent to make your white clothes shine

How to make homemade BLEACH detergent to make your white clothes shine
How to make homemade BLEACH detergent to make your white clothes shine

How many times have you struggled to remove stains from your clothes or cloths? In case you want to save time and money, here we show you how you can make your own homemade bleach detergent. With it, you can take care of both your clothes and the health of your family and the environment.

Thanks to this homemade detergent, you can degrease, deodorize and lighten your clothes. The advantage is that, in the case of white clothes, you can also purify them and remove yellow or gray stains from fabrics. In addition, you can eliminate bad odors from fabrics, be it kitchen towels or clothes.

How to make homemade bleach detergent?

How to make homemade bleach detergent to make your white clothes shine


  • 1 bar of white soap of 100 grams of your choice.
  • 1 liter of hot water.
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda.
  • 2 tablespoons of 40 volume hydrogen peroxide.

Step by step to make homemade bleach detergent:

  1. Grate the entire bar of white soap.
  2. Add the soap to the liter of hot water.
  3. Once the soap is dissolved, add the tablespoon of baking soda and stir so that all the ingredients are mixed.
  4. Let the mixture cool and add the two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide.
  5. When the mixture is ready, let it cool for two hours.

We recommend pouring the mixture into a clean, easily accessible container, preferably a dark one, so that you can add a few drops of the bleach detergent and remove even the most stubborn stains. By using a dark container, you will prevent the bleaching properties of the hydrogen peroxide from being lost and the detergent will last longer. You can use it on both clothes and kitchen towels to make them look like new.

If you want your white clothes to look like new, you can put them out to dry in the sun, as UV rays and humidity help to eliminate stains after applying your homemade bleach detergent. Plus, you can rest easy on the impact on the environment, as using natural ingredients doesn’t affect the planet.

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