9-year-old boy finds french fries that may be world’s longest

9-year-old boy finds french fries that may be world’s longest
9-year-old boy finds french fries that may be world’s longest

A family in Wales, UK, was in for a big surprise when their 9-year-old son discovered what might be the world’s longest potato chip.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Archie Davies and his parents, who live in Pontypool, got together for dinner at home, when they realized that among the fries present on the platter, one unit stood out for its exceptional measures.

Curious, Davies used a measuring tape to check the length and found that the potato chip was approximately 22.8 cm.

The food came from a bag of pre-fried frozen potatoes from Asda, a UK supermarket chain.

The discovery left the family stunned, so much so that they questioned whether this could be a possible record breaker.

Archie Davies also took the opportunity to take a picture with the potato chips to mark the occasion and the image shows the food looking bigger than the child’s head.

Proud for having been the protagonist of that moment, the boy decided to name the potato Geoff and his goal is to present it to the world.

“He was really excited when we found it. We contacted the Guinness Book of Records to find out if it could really be a world record as we think the last record was 22.3cm,” Archie’s mother Laura Davies said in an interview. to Wales Online.

She said that the boy hardly stays away from Geoff and believes that the potato can be very successful around the world.

“Archie loves learning all about world records. He said absolutely no one is allowed to touch it (on Geoff) for now and who knows if we ever will. Archie would love to be famous because of it, I think.”

She added: “I’m surprised he didn’t try to take it [Geoff] to school today actually. He had a huge smile plastered on his face for a long time after meeting him. We did the research last night, not thinking anything would come of it. but then I realized that this potato might have actually broken a record. Archie would love to be famous for that, I think.”

Asda commented on the episode and a spokesperson for the company stated, in a note, that he was thrilled to have produced the large potato, even without knowing of its existence until then.

“What a find! Not only do we deliver great value to our customers, but apparently in fries too! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this customer to break the world record.”

Despite the repercussions of the case, there is still no Guinness Book position regarding the 22.8 cm potato.

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