Woman leaves husband for romance with murderer 21 years her junior

Woman leaves husband for romance with murderer 21 years her junior
Woman leaves husband for romance with murderer 21 years her junior

A 64-year-old woman took a curious step by giving up a marriage and a stable life with two children to live a romance with a man 21 years younger. The detail is that the beloved is sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. The case became a book and ended up in her own prison, after helping the inmate escape from prison.

A resident of Washington, USA, Toby Dorr felt that his life was boring and in need of change. However, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which gave rise to a desire to pursue a new path.

In an interview with the British newspaper The Sun, she detailed her drama and her need for adventure, which led her to fall in love and help her escape from the detention center. Today, Dorr is already married to a third person, but still harbors affection for the man convicted of murder.

“In 2004, my life was so monotonous,” recalls Toby Dorr, 64, a resident of Washington (USA).

“I had been married for 26 years. As our two kids, then 20 and 24, moved away, we just had nothing in common. I wanted to follow my passion. I’ve always loved animals so I decided to start a dog rescue group. , training abandoned puppies and finding them new homes”.

work in prison

Toby was called to participate in a dog training project at a Kansas penitentiary, which would have the support of inmates for animal training. It didn’t matter to her what crimes they committed, but how they took care of the dogs. After seven weeks of volunteer work, she met an inmate who upset her.

“John was tall with red hair, but what really impressed me was his confidence. He told me I needed him to be my next dog handler. The bold way he spoke really stood out to me. I was intrigued. He looked different from the other inmates and there was a connection from the beginning,” she said.

After a year of working at the penitentiary, Toby and John became very close and developed a friendship. She was very touched by the affection received by John when she found out that her father had cancer and when the man protected her from an attack by another inmate. In this way, a passion arose between them.

“It was like an electric shock. The attraction I felt was overwhelming. That night, I couldn’t get John out of my head. The next day, walking together, he said, ‘I think I’m in love with you.’ , it felt like we were the only two people in the world. Yes, I was married. But that love was long gone. When we finally had our first kiss two months later, it was amazing.”

Prison Break

Toby was even more surprised when John asked her to help him escape so they could be together. At first, the woman refused to commit the crime and claimed it was madness. However, John had planned everything and said that she could get him out of the complex by hiding in a van.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, this could work!’ I was so intoxicated with love that I would have done anything. Logic flew out the window,” she stated.

In February 2006, the elderly woman withdrew the money set aside for her retirement, rented a van under an assumed name and managed to get her lover out of jail. She took him to a rented cabin in the Tennessee mountains where they hid. But to Toby, the whole criminal escape scenario felt like a romance movie.

“A lot of women have crazy fantasies. This was mine and I was really doing it. It was so intoxicating that I didn’t think about my husband or my kids,” she said. “The sex was so passionate that we couldn’t get enough of each other. But the pressure of running away made us all tense. We put on wigs for movies and dinner, but we couldn’t relax.”

The romantic atmosphere did not last long, twelve days after the escape, the couple was located by the police and, thus, a chase began. Despite efforts, John and Toby were caught and sentenced to prison. He received another ten years in detention, while the elderly woman was sentenced to two years and three months.

“The life I had before is over. My kids and my husband won’t talk to me. My divorce came out the day before my sentence started. But my amazing parents were all their support.”

Toby left prison in 2008. She restarted her life working as a web designer and met Chris, whom she later married. The woman also decided to turn her memories into a book and wrote the book “Living With Conviction” (“Living with Conviction”, in free translation), released in June 2022.

In 2016, she finally plucked up the courage to visit John in jail, with her new husband’s support.

“Giving John a hug that day had such healing power. I still cared about him and wanted to know if he was okay. I left much lighter. Now we email as friends. Now I don’t recognize the sad, unhappy woman who helped John escape prison. But I refuse to be ashamed. Because everything I’ve done, good and bad, has made me the woman I am today.”

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