Revealed why the twins don’t talk in the series

Revealed why the twins don’t talk in the series
Revealed why the twins don’t talk in the series

A very important part of the third season of breaking bad, are the Salamanca twin cousins, but the reason for their near silence in the series explains why Vince Gilligan’s creative choice was not worth it. Leonel and Marco Salamanca appear for the first time in the series, and soon after they also appear in Better Call Saul.

The twins are killers, silent throughout their appearances, only speaking a few sentences in breaking bad, including their appearance in a flashback as children. However, it is this silence that prevents the characters from working as convincing antagonists.

Leonel and Marco are introduced after the death of their cousin, Tuco Salamanca, at the hands of Hank Schrader who is a DEA agent. However, his eyes are first on Heisenberg (Walter White), the man who betrayed his cousin.

With Gustavo Fring ends up forbidding Walter’s death until he finishes cooking meth for them. So the cousins ​​turn their attention to Hank. During their long pilgrimage across the Mexican border, the twins end up committing many murders and robberies along the way. breaking bad.

The death of the Salamanca cousins ​​in breaking bad

Gus Fring secretly warns Hank about the twins’ intentions in breaking bad. Marco is shot in the head, and Leonel’s legs are cut off after Hank crashes his car into him. Leonel sees Walter through the hospital window and tries to crawl towards him. He is eventually killed with a lethal injection by Mike Ehrmantraut on orders from Gus.

The Salamanca cousins ​​do not speak properly during the series as the creators have tried to position them as a terrifying force of nature, but that unfortunately doesn’t work. Over the course of the third season, audiences slowly receive information about how the brothers are getting to New Mexico and how they find out about Walter White and Hank Schrader.

His appearances are presented as foreboding, with tense ambient music accompanying him in every scene. Their silence is what intensifies the tension in breaking bad, because even when they talk to Gus, Mike, and the other members of the meth business, they almost never speak. So, they are seen as unstoppable killers, just like Terminator or Halloween.

The cousins ​​are pretty exaggerated, dressed in cowboy shoes tipped with silver skulls and tight-fitting sharkskin suits. They have the appearance of drug killers, and therefore contrast with the more realistic and detailed cast in both the original and spin-off series.

The real reason the Salamanca brothers don’t speak in the series

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Fring and Hector are so terrifying that their characters feel very real. They are very developed and do not rely on silly stereotypes to associate silence with intimidation in breaking bad. With the Salamanca cousins, on the other hand, this doesn’t work, as they are very cartoonish and don’t realistically get used to the series.

In-universe, the cousins ​​are seen and emotionally scarred by an encounter with their uncle, Hector Salamanca, who nearly drowns Marco for teaching him the lesson that family is everything.

This brutal fact, and their use as assassins by the Cartel, may explain their lack of speech, both as a tool of intimidation and as a way to avoid being bugged by the police or DEA. Unfortunately, salamanca twins feel unreal. It happens, even with all this backstory of breaking bad. Especially when compared to the cruel world of the series, and with that feeling out of place.

And then you are also intimidated by the Salamanca brothers?

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