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The Big Secret Revealed from the Series Finale

The Big Secret Revealed from the Series Finale
The Big Secret Revealed from the Series Finale

The Devil in Ohio is the new horror series from Netflix. With only eight episodes, the production deals with several genres, and closely analyzes the case of Mae Dodd. Inspired by the novel by Daria Polatin, the series begins when the teenager runs away from a religious cult that worships Lucifer.

In short, The Devil in Ohio, begins after receiving a new patient named Mae (Madeleine Arthur), by the hospital’s psychiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Mathis (Emily Deschanel). In turn, the professional is intrigued by the young woman’s mysterious behavior.

While awaiting placement in foster care, Suzanne takes Mae home with her family. Shortly after their arrival, the Mathis family notices strange occurrences that throw their lives into chaos.

When Suzanne tries to unravel Mae’s past, she discovers that her houseguest is on the run from a devil-worshipping cult – and now her family is the target. Well, if you have any doubts about the end of The Devil in Ohiohere’s what we know.

the final episode of The Devil in Ohio

episode 8 of The Devil in Ohio starts with Malachi Dodd – he looks at a nearby crow and says “it’s time”. Dodd and his cult are ready for the ceremony. Mae’s mother Abigail tells Mae that she always believed she would come back and that her people will be saved as long as she is willing.

Meanwhile, Suzanne is on her way to save Mae. She leaves a voicemail for Detective Lopez with her intentions to help Mae. And just like that, Suzanne is outside the church where the service resides. Meanwhile, the ceremony for Mae begins; she wears a wedding dress and the feathered crow hat.

Malachi Dodd addresses the congregation, talking about Lucifer and suffering. The sheriff finds Suzanne, and she fights him, but starts a fire. Suzanne is now wearing black robes to blend in. The ceremony is now outside, and Suzanne watches it unfold among the group in The Devil in Ohio.

Malachi Dodd tells them that Mae is Lucifer’s sacrifice. But then the church bell rings. There’s a fire. Malachi Dodd tells his cult to save the church. Abigail is worried that Malachi won’t have the strength to continue the ritual later.

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While everyone else is distracted, Suzanne finds Abigail and Mae on a wooden platform. Abigail wants Suzanne to go away. As she climbs onto the platform, Suzanne has flashbacks to her childhood.

Mae has a decision to make and tells Abigail that she doesn’t want to die. She asks her mother to accompany her. Abigail feels that they would be corrupted by the outside world. The wooden platform catches fire, so Mae jumps. Suzanne jumps, but is grabbed by Noah. Then, The Devil in Ohio shows Mae grabs a shovel and knocks Noah to the ground.

Mae begs her mother to get off the platform, but she chooses to sacrifice herself for Lucifer and decides to stay on the burning platform to die.

Meanwhile, Lopez arrives and confronts the sheriff. Having little choice, Lopez shoots the sheriff. The cult members return and see that Abigail is sacrificing herself in the flames. Malachi Dodd believes this is a genuine sacrifice and tells the cult that they are saved.

Emotional, Mae thanks Suzanne for saving her as they head home. Their bond since the 1st episodes of The Devil in Ohio it is strong. However, it becomes even stronger.

Life returns to what is apparently ordinary, or so we thought; Suzanne admits to her therapist that she wanted to save her inner child, which is why she focused on Mae. She decided to make some changes and take a break from her work. She is focusing on working on herself. Detective Lopez checks out the old town where the cult resides. All of them are gone.

Suzanne meets Peter, and he makes it clear that Mae cannot get close to them or the family. Suzanne asks for an update on the family.


Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Suzanne gets a call from Detective Lopez. The agent reveals in The Devil in Ohio says the cult is gone, but it wasn’t the cult that dropped the white roses that triggered Mae into the Harvest Dance. Video footage proves that Mae brought the white roses and she willingly drove to the service. She set everything up.

Suzanne hangs up the phone and returns to the dinner table with Mae, apparently shocked by what she’s just heard. Suddenly, she realizes that she has been manipulated; Mae wanted to be with Suzanne and her family, and that’s exactly what she got.

The camera pans and the ritual Mae has been building in the forest has evolved. In the center is a picture of Mae and Suzanne. Mother and daughter, forever. Mae just wanted to feel safe. the last episode of The Devil in Ohio leaves audiences with one last twist to wrap up a satisfying limited series.

So you watched The Devil in Ohio?

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