Wanessa refuses to answer Marcos Mion’s intimate question

Wanessa Camargo challenges Marcos Mion’s most intimate question

At the cauldron with Mion, Vanessa Camargo appeared to sing his greatest hits and took the opportunity to escape the presenter’s curious questions. She was very happy, but didn’t want to comment on why she was happy.

It all started with Marcos Mion extolling that Wanessa Camargo was different. “You’re glowing, you’re glowing, you’ve got a smile that won’t leave your face,” said the presenter. In this, the singer confessed that she was very happy.

Marcos Mion then took the opportunity to try to find out more about Wanessa’s intimate life. “You know people have been following your life for a long time. So I’ll just ask you one question: are you happy?” he insisted. “I’m happy, I’m very well”, he replied to the singer simply.

In this, Lúcio Mauro Filho took the opportunity to join in the joke: “He made a mystery to the question, didn’t he?”, joked Lucio Mauro Filho. And then Wanessa took the opportunity to escape: “We’ll talk later in the dressing room [risos]. I’m very happy, very good. This is what I seek for my life today. I want to release a lot of things this year.”

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Cleo Loyola is making the rounds this weekend after revealing details of an alleged confusion between Vanessa and the sister, Camilla Camargowhile the daughters of Zeze are in the United States to visit their mother, Zilu.

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Luciano Camargo’s ex-wife exposes alleged shack between Wanessa and sister: “Zilu doesn’t deserve this”

Sandy and Fernanda Sousa - Photo: Reproduction

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Rumors began to gain traction after the two sisters traveled to visit their mother, who lives abroad. Despite the family gathering, there was almost no interaction between Wanessa and Camilla.

The distance between the sisters, given the circumstances, raised suspicions, which were confirmed by Cleo Loyola on her social networks, after Luciano Camargo’s ex opened a box of questions for her followers.

Asked by an internet user about the existence of a meeting between Wanessa and her sister, Cleo told what she knew. “I think they met, the problem is that there was an ugly mess between them, right? And Zilu too! I’m sad because Zilu doesn’t deserve all this. Camilla is a great person, but Wanessa…”she pinned.

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