Tati Machado opens the game after disappearing from the Meeting and reveals saga outside Globo

Tati Machado reveals change to meet demand at Globo (Image: João Miguel Junior / Globo)

Some weeks ago, Tati Machado opened the game on Date and talked about his saga to participate in the Globo program. A resident of Rio de Janeiro, the journalist began to face the air shuttle to work in São Paulo.

Through Instagram stories last Saturday (3), the presenter said that her disappearance from the morning commanded by Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares was due to her move to the capital of São Paulo.

“I was in that back-and-forth life”he told his followers. “I’m getting a lot of messages asking, ‘Where are you who disappeared?’ Calm down, I came to portray myself that I don’t want to lose my audience”commented.

Owner of gossip at Globo, Tati Machado confesses moving from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo

Tati Machado reported: “This week either I didn’t go live at the Meeting because there was something important on the program, so I wouldn’t have time to participate, or because I’m on a mission. And that mission is that I am moving.”.

The global admitted the change with her husband and highlighted that “not any change”. “We are going to live in São Paulo because the Meeting is there, right? I make my appearances on stage, I was in that back and forth life. Now I’m organizing everything for our move”said.

Tati Machado started at Globo through Gshow, in 2013, and since then has gained space in the house’s entertainment programs.

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Paulo Carvalho

Paulo Carvalho

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