Castrated, Alcides loses interest in Maria Bruaca

Alcides loses interest in Bruaca after being castrated by Tenório and joins Zaquieu in Pantanal

In the next chapters of wetland, Alcides will fall victim to the cruelty of tenorio. The man will be covered by Maria Bruaca’s ex-husband and will be upset after revenge.

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In cold blood, the squatter will tie Alcides to a punt and cut the man’s penis with a machete. Maria Bruaca will watch it all, who will still see Tenório boast of his feat in Pantanal.

You can collect what’s left of your man, Bruaca. If you can call that a man. He won’t be of much use anymore from now on…”, the villain will say.

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After the moments of horror, Alcides will continue to be completely shaken in Pantanal. He will lose interest in life and love and will decide to end his relationship with Maria Bruaca.

“I don’t want any more land, I don’t want anything else in this life. ‘Ocê’ leave me… I don’t want you anymore, get out of here“, the pawn will say, dissatisfied.


If, on the one hand, Alcides lost hope and his beloved in wetlandthe next chapters of the remake will reveal a new Aliance that will make the pawn star in a twist in the novel.

It turns out that Zaquieu ends up discovering the atrocity made by Tenório against his friend, even though the pawn and Bruaca try to keep what happened a secret.

He will be angry and will offer Alcides help to get revenge on Tenório. The relationship between the two will be even stronger and both will continue united by the plan to kill Guta’s father.

It is also worth mentioning that Maria Bruaca and Alcides will be able to overcome the squatter’s revenge in Pantanal. After the moment of sadness and revenge, the pawn will give love a new chance and will end the soap opera happily with the boss.

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