Where are Globo employees who have a lifetime contract going?

Many people already know that Galvão Bueno said that he will retire after the World Cup in Qatar, in December, after all, he himself said that to Folha de S.Paulo. This, by the way, is one of the several times he talked about ending his career.

But the information that he will have a lifetime contract at Globo is new and was given in Ricardo Feltrin’s column, who also reported on three other professionals who would have the privilege of having a contract until the end of their lives: Cid Moreira, Léo Batista and Sergio Chapelin.

Lifetime contracts do not provide a monthly remuneration to the worker, but offer an income for each work performed and guarantee that the employee does not sign a contract with the competition.

Galvão, for example, still works actively in football broadcasts and is expected to participate in Globo and Globoplay programs after the World Cup. It’s a routine that promises to be very different from those that other employees with a lifetime contract take.

Cid Moreira

Cid Moreira

Image: Disclosure

The 94-year-old former journalist and presenter of Jornal Nacional remains active, especially on social media, but rarely does any work on TV. The last prominent appearance took place in April 2015, when he presented a block of Jornal Nacional along with Sérgio Chapelin, on Rede Globo’s 50th anniversary week.

In recent years, the problems that have been suffering in the family relationship with the wife and children have been in the news. In 2021, Cid’s heirs accused the current stepmother, Fátima Sampaio, of appropriating the journalist’s assets and making use of him.

The two sons, Roger and Rodrigo Moreira, have also filed a lawsuit with the Federal Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro asking that the father undergo a mental aptitude test to prove that he can still answer for his actions.

Despite family problems, Cid hasn’t stopped interacting with fans. On social media, the former presenter makes comments on famous posts and often shares his routine at home, despite the kidney problems he has been facing.

Sérgio Chapelin

Sérgio Chapelin

Image: Cesar Alves/Globo

The former presenter of Globo Repórter no longer produces reports, since when he decided to leave TV Globo, in 2019, and said goodbye to the program and the broadcaster.

Since then, Sérgio has dedicated himself to life in the countryside, with production in the countryside, especially on the farm he owns in Itamonte, Minas Gerais, where the journalist has already said he wants to spend the last days of his life.

Even so, at the age of 81, Chapelin made a brief appearance on Globo, in recent days, and was talked about. He was invited by the Esporte Espetacular program and participated in a tribute to Léo Batista, who turned 90.

Leo Batista

Léo Batista - Estevam Avellar/Globo - Estevam Avellar/Globo

Leo Batista

Image: Estevam Avellar/Globo

It is no wonder that Léo Batista has been receiving tributes. Tireless, the journalist continues to produce reports and is active on TV, even though he has been able to retire for some time, at the age of 90.

The frequency of production is no longer the same as for youth, but, on average, there is a new video every week for sports programs.

Two weeks ago, for example, the owner of the ‘remarkable voice’ delivered a contribution to an article by Esporte Espetacular about the World Cup. In the report, Léo participated recalling great curiosities of the World Cup.

In the last week, the journalist delivered a report on the results of the Copa do Brasil, which shows that Léo remains very active, even with the loss of his wife in January of this year, when Leyla Chavantes Belinaso died in the house where he lives, in Rio of January.

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