Thiago Simpatia breaks silence after dismissal from Globo: “Life goes on”

Thiago Simpatia breaks silence after dismissal from Globo: “Life goes on”
Thiago Simpatia breaks silence after dismissal from Globo: “Life goes on”
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The station’s reporter told more details about his dismissal

This Wednesday (3), Thiago Simpatia participated in the program A Tarde é Sua, on Rede TV!, and told more details about his dismissal from Globo. The former station reporter had been in the role for three years, but had already carried out other projects as an extra at the company.

“At the right time, right? I had a very good time at TV Globo. I gave my best, as I always do wherever I go. I’m a guy who is extremely grateful for everything. I left through the front door. The management chose to end the contract and life now. It’s a company thing. Nothing happened. Everything is fine”, he said.

“And we continue with that enormous gratitude. I had the opportunity to make several colleagues, meet many people, to be loved by Brazil. Today Tiago Simpatia is a reality and I really thank the people”, he added.

He also celebrated that he will be able to enjoy his Fridays more, as he will not be in front of the Madrugadores team. “Now I can even enjoy Friday (…) My heart is full of gratitude. Thank you very much, to all the directors, the technical staff, the security guards, the maids, the tourists (…) [Estava como] reporter for 3 years, but my story with Globo is really crazy because I started as an extra”, he explained.

On his Instagram, the former station reporter thanked the public: “THERE WILL BE NO GOODBYE TEXT. I just want to thank the Brazilian people, for making Thiago Simpatia become a reality, I make television for you, the affection I receive in the streets every day, it’s proof that I’m on the right path! Our people already suffer too much, I will continue bringing joy to every home, you can be sure. FROM TODAY I WILL NO LONGER BE PART OF TV GLOBO. I will remain firm in my fight, with all dedication, work and dedication, always with a smile on your face. Kisses from Simpatia and see you soon my people!”

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