The protagonists of The 3-Body Problem fear for their characters in season 2

The protagonists of The 3-Body Problem fear for their characters in season 2
The protagonists of The 3-Body Problem fear for their characters in season 2

At the end of March, The 3-Body Problem premiered on Netflix, one of the most anticipated productions of the year. In it, we follow an enigmatic science fiction written by David Benioff and DB Weiss, filmmakers responsible for creating Game of Thrones.

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After the end of the first season, many began to wonder what the fate of some characters would be in the show’s next year. Benioff and Weiss were known for murdering a large number of important names in GoT, a fact that led Eiza Gonzalez, Auggie’s interpreter, to say during an interview with Sensacine Spain:

“Never know [o que acontecerá com os personagens]. With our showrunners, with their track record, anything is possible. Suddenly, you see certain characters going somewhere and then, boom; murder, incest… You never know. In fact, it could go anywhere, so let’s hope they don’t head into too dark a corner. But if so, let’s go. It will be very fun.”

Based on a book franchise of the same name, the series delves into the journey of a group of astrophysicists, military personnel and engineers who decide to carry out a project to communicate with possible lives beyond Earth. The decision they made has repercussions on humanity after fifty years, with our race having to survive an unexpected visit while scientists try to uncover the secrets of the project carried out in the past.

In the cast, well-known audiovisual faces are present, such as John Bradley, Li…

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