Emparedadas exchange compliments and explain separation on BBB 24

Emparedadas exchange compliments and explain separation on BBB 24
Emparedadas exchange compliments and explain separation on BBB 24

Alane, Beatriz or Pitel? One of the three will leave BBB 24 this Tuesday (2) and the chance to leave the program as a millionaire. Leaving the rivalry aside, the three sat down to talk about the clashes in the house and even exchanged compliments on Monday afternoon (1).

Alane, Beatriz and Isabelle had the idea of ​​organizing a themed parade on the lawn to contemplate the culture of the different regions of Brazil that each one represents in the program. When they saw Pitel upset about the elimination of her friend, Fernanda, they decided to invite her to the get-together.

“We were talking about Paredão, that we are nervous and everything, we saw you nervous here too… And we didn’t have a party for the Leader, Isabelle and I, Alegrete, Davi. You were also a Leader and didn’t have the party, that must be really bad. Then I wanted to have a Carimbó dance party, right here in the middle. Isabelle will also play Parintins”, said Alane when inviting her sister. Pitel asked the dancer to teach her how to dance and she agreed.

The social worker explained that the theme of her party was Saint John and Alane got excited, taking the opportunity to praise her sister: “Should we have a Saint John party? We do the three of us. Being honest, I said that I think Bia is an incredible woman, I think you are an incredible woman. I think you’re a wonderful woman and it’s difficult.”


Upon hearing his sister’s praise, Pitel vented about the game and his absence. “I think you are wonderful too. For me, it was difficult to hear your story and not have it influence my game. I preferred to withdraw, walk away and not hear the story because it really affects me. It’s my Achilles heel,” he said.

“I’ve always said that outside of here I want everyone to be very happy, because whatever is mine will be mine, whatever is meant to be yours will be yours. Outside of here, I want to hear your story, I want to hear the story of Carimbó, the story of Brás, I want to know you completely. It doesn’t fit here, but outside of here I have nothing against any of you. All my positions here inside and outside make no sense. It doesn’t make sense to sustain a feud that was born here, because we won’t be fighting for anything else. There will be no room for a feeling other than just gratitude. I really want to go on your television show, which I really believe is coming! I want to look at her and say ‘look, I did a reality show with her’, I want to know her art! I want everyone to have space, I want to take you to Banho de Lua in Maceió!”, she highlighted.

Alane agreed that they can get to know each other better outside of the reality show: “While it is difficult to be on Paredão with you two, at the same time I feel very honored to be on the program with you. I have more contact with Bia and I can say that she is a wonderful woman. We speak highly of you because I think you’re an incredible, very strong woman… what you said on Women’s Day about lighter burdens for all women really resonated with me. I imagine that this is the little I know of you and there is much more behind it. I hope that we can have exchanges abroad too.”

Isabelle also took the opportunity to praise her sister: “You [Pitel] He was the person who always pointed out game movement issues, and I felt in my heart that we were distant. There is no way to talk about the game with someone who is distant and unstable in your relationship. But I always saw you as a very giant woman, beautiful both inside and out. Regardless of the game, you are a person that I really admire here and would like to get to know a little more outside. I hope to do this Moon Bath in Maceió one day!”

Pitel “Everyone is invited! During the day we go to the natural pool, and at night we take boats, grab some cheese and wine and go to the middle of the sea.” Alane: “I really want you to go to Círio de Nazaré in Belém!” Pitel: “We have a schedule. Day 102 is in Parintins, in the name of Jesus. Regardless, you’re going to have to dance, okay?”

Pitel thanked him and also apologized for the difficult clashes in dynamics. “I hope you forgive me for my harsh words. I know it’s hard. It’s hard to hear, it’s hard to talk.” Beatriz, who was already “attacked” by her sister at Sincerão, highlighted that she was “very hurt” by what was said and the social worker justified: “I don’t need to be that person out there. I don’t need to look for any flaws in you. I know it’s hard to hear, I’m not denying that, but it’s also hard to say.”

The Brás saleswoman reinforced that even in the final stretch, they are still in contention for the millionaire prize and the get-together with her sister does not change the rivalry. “I understand when you talk about seeking and hunting. I don’t agree, I told you, I respect that it’s your game… I’m not going to shut up, just as you wouldn’t shut up either, because we’re fighting for the prize. I will fight until the end. It still has dynamics, even warning you so as not to seem like something fake.”

Pitel agreed: “You will still have the freedom to score me here because we are in different places. Regardless of what happens, we are still in the game. You can’t stay silent. You came to take a stand and do justice to what you came to do. I intend not to take anything to my heart and I hope you don’t, that it doesn’t go any further!”

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