BBB 24 sponsors mock Ana Maria and praise Fernanda

BBB 24 sponsors mock Ana Maria and praise Fernanda
BBB 24 sponsors mock Ana Maria and praise Fernanda
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The sponsors of the Globo reality show joked about the two’s exchanges

This Monday (1st), Fernanda Bande participated in Café com Eliminado, on Mais Você, and had a chat with Ana Maria Braga. The two did not agree on the pastry chef’s trajectory on BBB 24 and even the sponsors of the Globo reality show commented on the situation.

“Brothers having lunch with Méqui at the house. Fernanda having dinner at Namaria. RT who started the day with a full belly like a wolf wow”, published iFood on Twitter/X. “The wolf devora y devora”, replied Mc Donalds.

In the comments, internet users reacted to the publication. “IFood, it’s not over yet, there’s weekend lunch, Fernanda will certainly pick her teeth”, recalled one of the users. “She was called for a coffee and left with 3 full meals, how could she? Hahahahaa”, joked another. “Fernanda had an early lunch today hahahaha”, concluded another.

For those who don’t remember, the morning presenter was confronted live by Fernanda Bande. “Reaching R$3 million too, which has now reached R$3 million, isn’t that one of the big goals for everyone who goes?”, asked the presenter. “But that was it, Ana. I said it again, that was it. That was exactly the objective”, countered the ex-sister.

“So, when you say, I went there to get to know myself, we don’t go to BBB to get to know each other”, said Ana Maria Braga. “I didn’t say I was going to BBB. Yes, I said I didn’t go to get to know myself, I said exactly, ‘I didn’t go to get to know myself’. I went to search, to start over. To start over. It was to start over. I knew myself I didn’t go to get to know myself, I went to start my life over again”, said Fernanda Bande.

“It has to be pleasant, it has to be friendly, it has to be a series of adjectives that you missed out on, right?”, said the presenter. “No, I was far away, so we didn’t watch the same program. I did have some really cool moments, I did have bonds, I made friends, I built things that I want to take abroad”, concluded the confectioner.

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