Graziela Medori debuts as a judge on Canta Comigo 6: ‘Special’ – Canta Comigo 6

Graziela Medori debuts as a judge on Canta Comigo 6: ‘Special’ – Canta Comigo 6
Graziela Medori debuts as a judge on Canta Comigo 6: ‘Special’ – Canta Comigo 6

Graziela Medori talks about the expectation of debuting on the Canta Comigo 6 jury

With the experience of someone who has already been to the final of two important musical realities – one of them being The Four Brazilon the screen RECORD, and coming from a musical family – singer Graziela Medori joins the jury of experts at Sing With Me 6 with the certainty that you will be moved by the stories, performances and also by the company of the experts who are by your side on the panel.

“O Sing with me It is very special because of its diversity, there are 100 judges and this makes the program different, the fact that each one has their own style, their way of seeing life, their influence and trajectory. I find this very interesting within the program and when the invitation came to me I accepted immediately. I had been flirting for a while and I really wanted to participate, I was very happy.”

The technical quality has also caught the attention of the new judge. “They are very good candidates and I feel this family connection in them, which is at their side, supports and bets all their chips. And that has a lot to do with me, I came from a musical family [Grazi é filha da cantora Claudya e do músico Chico Medori], who didn’t impose anything on me in terms of becoming an artist, but was always with me and supported me when I decided. So, this has a lot to do with my trajectory”, she reveals.

On the other side of the stage, she has gone beyond music by observing those looking for their place in the sun, paying attention to the stories of families who support them with affection, care or a word of encouragement, helping them get there.

“I try not to go too much into technical issues, because I know that being in this place is difficult, I’ve been through this challenge twice in my life, and it’s very complicated. What touches me a lot is the interpretation, what this person has to go through in the interpretative part of the song, their story combined with the choice of music, I think that more than hitting the right notes, it is the path of emotion”, comments Grazi.

Family stories and challenges

Grazi reveals that when he sees the candidate he thinks about his own trajectory. “I remember when I was a child and I wanted to choose music through the stories they [pais] they told me and it also makes me connect with the realities I participated in. Candidates also talk about this personal challenge because of a specific situation, something that happens to everyone. I’m super happy to be part of this family, which is Sing with me”, he comments.

The singer explains that from the final of The Four Brazil [que aconteceu durante uma pandemia] A lot has happened in your life. In addition to motherhood, Grazi released her fifth album, which is a tribute to singer and composer Marcos Valle, and brings together the artist’s ‘side b’ songs. “The album was released by the Joia Moderna label and created by DJ Zé Pedro, who is wonderful. A very challenging job, which makes me very happy”, he concludes.

Do you want to accompany Grazi Medori on the jury of Sing With Me 6? Stay tuned, the reality show premieres in April, on your TV screen. RECORD!

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