‘Temptation’ TV News

‘Temptation’ TV News
‘Temptation’ TV News

Damião (Shaman) will no longer be able to resist the charms of Eliana (Sophie Charlotte) and will place a pair of horns on Ritinha (Mell Muzzillo) in Renascer. The pawn will have a torrid affair with the dondoca on Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera. “A temptation from hell!”, he will say.

In this Monday’s chapter (1st), Ritinha will not like the presence of Venâncio’s ex-wife (Rodrigo Simas) on the farm and will issue a warning to her husband. “You on one there was nothing that you I took that one to the farm… still but just the two of them. You now virô page in mule start, was it?”, he will complain.

“And I was going dexá She alone? For run her risk if loses for these kills?”, José Inocêncio’s employee (Marcos Palmeira) will argue. “Look here, Damião: if you boot horn, I too I’ll give it to you, okay? Tamo cumbinado?”, the girl will warn.

But it won’t be long before Eliana goes back to walking around the property with the native, even though she is already aware that he was a killer. She will ask the boy to teach her how to ride the horse and then she will want to go to the barges.

The brute will explain that there is no one working in the region. “Why do you think you made me want it?”, she will provoke. The seductress will make her wishes increasingly clear when she arrives at the place.

“Your boss doesn’t need to know we’re here… Neither does your wife!”, Eliana will say, also commenting on the boy’s reputation as a killer. She will say that he doesn’t appear to be a gunman and will get closer.

“And what do you see in my eyes, Damião?”, he will ask, full of ulterior motives. “A temptation from hell!”, the pawn will admit, highlighting that he is a married man.

The lady will explain that she does not intend to have anything serious with the boy. “I want to use you, Damião… And then throw it away!”, she will say. The two will kiss right there and will meet frequently.

Renascer was written and created by author Benedito Ruy Barbosa. The first version aired on Globo in 1993. Bruno Luperi is the novelist’s grandson and responsible for adapting the rural saga that premiered in prime time in January. The remake should be replaced by a new plot by João Emanuel Carneiro in September.

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