Ministry of Communications denies TV and radio concessions to PT

Ministry of Communications denies TV and radio concessions to PT
Ministry of Communications denies TV and radio concessions to PT
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Juscelino Filho heads the Ministry of Communications

O Ministry of Communications
commanded by Juscelino Filho
(União Brasil), denied the public concession of TV and radio to the PT (Workers’ Party)
. The decision to refuse the PT members’ request, signed by Antônio Malva Neto, director of the Department of Public, Community and State Broadcasting, was published in the Diário da União (DOU).

In June last year, the PT argued that a party communication channel would enable “the fulfillment of a constitutional, legal and statutory duty, providing opportunities for political participation beyond the simple act of adopting”. The request, which generated controversy at the time, also aimed to “spread ideas and proposals for activism.”

Despite this, the Ministry of Communications claimed that the caption does not fit into any of the three types of concession: commercial, educational or community.

The ministry cites limitations for both commercial TV and radio or the non-classification of TV for political purposes in the last two alternatives. In the text, the Ministry also emphasizes that no other political party has its own communication vehicle. The PT can appeal the decision.

The department headed by Juscelino Filho also emphasizes that the refusal had a “technical” criterion. “The opinion attests that the acronyms are not among the legal entities under public and private law that are authorized to provide private broadcasting services. The Ministry also clarifies that there was no type of political pressure and that the decision was strictly technical, based on the criteria of current legislation”.

AGU recommended blocking the channel

A AGU (Attorney General of the Union) suggested blocking the PT’s request. In an opinion sent to the Ministry of Communications, the body stated that the concession could create an “imbalance” in electoral disputes. The information was released by UOL.

“The purpose of the ban appears to be to avoid an imbalance in electoral disputes or even to guarantee a greater plurality of political views in the programming of radio or television stations. These two objectives would be frustrated if the granting of a broadcasting grant to a foundation linked to a political party”, says an excerpt from the opinion.

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