sparks and flirting at the party led by Thiaguinho

sparks and flirting at the party led by Thiaguinho
sparks and flirting at the party led by Thiaguinho
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Early morning party in the most watched house in Brazil! However, the relaxed atmosphere was not unanimous: with intrigue before the Thiaguinho and leader in the room during the party. Check out the summary of everything that happened this Saturday morning (03) on BBB 24.

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The atmosphere heats up at the pre-party with Mira do Líder

  • A dose of bullshit before the fun? Before releasing the party to the brothers, Thaddeus asked the current leader Fernanda reveal the names that are in the Leader’s Crosshairs. The baker pointed Alane, Deniziane, Beatrice It is Yasmin Brunet as voting options — which was not pleasing.
  • Still during the live broadcast, Fernanda exchanged barbs with the chosen ones. “Thank you, fake,” said Beatriz upon receiving the bracelet. “Do, do, do you want some deodorant? A cream? A little business to do a VT? You can do it”, replied the baker.
  • The situation had repercussions throughout the party. An ally of the girls in the Fada room, Matteus caught the attention of his friends and said that the situation sounded a little “aggressive”.

Thiaguinho heats up the atmosphere

  • After moments of tension, the brothers were welcomed by Thiaguinho, who led the night with a show full of hits.
  • The long-standing friendship between Thiaguinho and Rodriguinho did not go unnoticed. Rodriginho performed samba on his feet and chatted with his friend — who hugged him during the song “Friendship is everything”. “Thiaguinho knows us! I don’t know if you like it, but you know it!”, said Pitel. “He likes it, the way he was looking at us!”, Fernanda replied.

No party mood! Leader retires early

  • After the sparks live, Fernanda and Beatriz found each other strange again at the party. While Thiaguinho sang the song “Vencedor”, Beatriz danced behind Fernanda, raising her arm with the leader’s crosshair bracelet. Seeing the situation, Juninho pushed the sisters away.
  • It didn’t take long for Fernanda to leave the party and go up to the leader’s room, where she stayed throughout the night. “I’m going in, I have no desire to stay here,” she said. Isabelle tried to encourage the leader: “No, little sister. Why? Stay there, girl. Will enjoy. You are a Leader, a party like yours, girl, you won’t have another one. Stay a little longer, you’re not sleepy as far as I know”, she pointed out.
  • In the bedroom, Fernanda reflects on the latest disagreements in the house. “I don’t need to face these things, I don’t need to humiliate, threaten, feel in a defensive position. Who will I defend myself against? I defend myself against bills, dirty names, hunger, despair, pain, sleep, tiredness, children. Not a girl wanting to show off,” she said.
  • Later, already ready to sleep, Fernanda couldn’t contain her tears and Rodriguinho asks if she wants to give up. “I won’t give up,” she assured. “You can’t let this affect you, there’s no way. Even if you stay in that room and don’t come out for a minute, it won’t affect you”, advised the ally.

Couple alert? Bin and Giovanna exchange kisses during the party

  • The party wasn’t just about bullshit. The flirtatious atmosphere also dominated the house and Bin It is Giovanna they shared a kiss. “I don’t know what you want, okay?” said Bin, who heard from Giovanna that she had already made it clear what she wanted.
  • With the encouragement of Leidy Elin, Bin and Giovanna ended up kissing. “You’re not getting married, there’s nothing like that”, said the sister. However, Giovanna made it clear that she does not want to form a couple.

Juninho invests in Alane and gossip spreads around the house

  • During the party, Juninho went to talk to Alane about the barbs involving Fernanda, but he didn’t fail to take advantage of the opportunity to flirt. “I think you’re really cute!”, he said. The dancer thanked him, but made it clear that she “shipped” him with her friend Leidy Elin.
  • After the situation, Alane went to tell her friend about what happened. “He looked at me and said: ‘I admire you a lot, even out there I would catch you’. Then I said: ‘Wait, Leidy is my friend, I think the two of you are a great match, even that subject doesn’t even go into this,” she explained.
  • The information that Juninho hit on Alane didn’t take long to circulate around the house. In conversation with Lucas Henrique, Juninho states that Alane will use the fact as a strategy. “She tried to make a mess of things as if I had a commitment to Leidy… She’s going to try, and then I’m going to catch her!”, he said.
  • Bin and Giovanna listen to the conversation. “We’re two gossipers, right? Me and you!” says Giovanna. “I am, but I like listening to gossip. You pass it on!” joked Bin.

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