‘Pretended that I didn’t exist’, says Rodriguinho about Thiaguinho’s behavior during a party at BBB


In conversation with Fernanda and Pitel in the leader’s room, the singer gave advice and talked about the night’s musical performance

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3 Feb
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Singer and music producer Rodriguinho giving advice to colleagues on BBB24

Photo: Photo: Globo Reproduction

In conversation in the leader’s room BBB24, Pitel revealed to Rodriguinho that some sisters teased Fernanda during the eighth party of the reality show. In the chat, the pagodeiro ended up commenting on Thiaguinho’s behavior, the attraction of the night, and drew attention.

The matter came to light after Fernanda nominated Deniziane, Yasmin, Beatriz and Alane as voting options for Paredão, resulting in a live confrontation with one of the sisters.

“They put the nomination bracelet on my face in the middle of the party, Juninho came in the middle and danced with me to lighten the atmosphere”, said Fernanda.

Surprised by the attitude of the sisters who are in the leader’s sights, Rodriguinho advised Fernanda to ignore them, giving as an example what happened between him and Thiaguinho at the last BBB party.

“You have to look through it. You have to do the same as Thiaguinho did with me there. I, his friend, looked at my face looking at the wall. He pretended that I didn’t exist. You have to do that”, said Rodriguinho to Fernanda.

The singers are great friends, but they didn’t speak to each other during the performance.

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