‘BBB 24’: After a live atmosphere, Beatriz provokes Fernanda and the Niteroi native leaves the party


The atmosphere is more than tense between Fernanda – who won Leadership of the week – and Beatrice – considered VTzeira by many internet users – in ‘BBB 24’ ! After exchanging live barbs, the sisters continued to find each other strange during the party this Friday (2), which featured a performance by Thiaguinho. The Brás saleswoman, who has more than 3 million followers on Instagram, raised her arm close to the confectioner’s face, in an apparent attempt to provoke her.

Beatriz puts her arm in front of Fernanda

While Thiaguinho performed the song “Vamo Que Vamo”, the brothers enjoyed it in the outdoor area. Then, the singer said: “What about the arm?” It was the opportunity for Beatriz to show her wrist – which has the Na Mira do Líder bracelet – to Fernanda. Alane and Deniziane were behind their ally, watching everything. However, Nanda did not show any reactive attitude and continued smiling and applauding the artist. In sequence, Juninho He hugged her and the sister thanked him.

Nanda vents to Pitel about provocation at a party

A few minutes later, in the Leader’s Room, Fernanda vented to Pitel about the event: “She stuck her hand with the bracelet in my face… then he ‘poof’ closed it, hugged me. Then, if she wanted to go over it, she would having to go over the boy’s arm. I don’t worry about the provocation, I worry about the reaction, it’s about me. It’s not about what I’m receiving, it’s about what I’m going to do with it, and the my desire to do…”

“The words you can’t say…”, added the social worker. “It’s not about words, I’m not a woman of words… I’ll give you a push and leave”, said the solo mother. Afterwards, the duo that gained a large following on the web reflected on what is prohibited or not in the reality show. “I didn’t read in the rules what you can’t…”, confessed Nanda. “You can’t hit or provoke someone to hit, but I think throwing water can,” suggested Pitel, who also questioned whether it would be okay to push someone into the pool. “I think it’s aggression, right?”, he analyzed.

The two still imagined how DenizianeBeatrice and Alane are being seen by the public. The trio called themselves the ‘powerpuff girls’. “If that’s what powerful girls are out there, we’re the same as the crazy monkey”, Pitel relaxed, while Fernanda laughed. Finally, the Niteroi native thought it best not to return to the party.

Marcus is revolted by Beatriz’s attitude

Marcus Vinicius she saw when Beatriz provoked Fernanda and didn’t like her sister’s behavior at all. In conversation with Alane, the brother confessed: “An attitude of yours that I found really, really ugly was at the party. I thought it was horrible and it hurts you in the game.” “I also thought it was horrible. We talked about it and decided not to do it. I didn’t agree and thought it was bad”, explained the dancer.

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