Teresa’s rerun doesn’t please, it sinks the audience and becomes a frontrunner on SBT

Teresa’s rerun doesn’t please, it sinks the audience and becomes a frontrunner on SBT
Teresa’s rerun doesn’t please, it sinks the audience and becomes a frontrunner on SBT

Teresa has been experiencing low ratings on SBT – Photo: Disclosure/Televisa

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Teresa (2010) is SBT’s bet to boost afternoons this summer and boost Fofocalizando, but so far it has had low ratings. On the afternoon of this Thursday (1st), the soap opera scored just 1.7 points in Greater SP according to figures from Kantar Ibope obtained by NaTelinha through market sources.

The number, in addition to putting SBT away from the competition for second place, also made this the broadcaster’s worst placed program during the day, behind attractions that air in the early hours of the morning such as The Noite (4, 1), Operação Mesquita (2.9) and even SBT News on TV (1.9).

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Other audience highlights of the day

  • On the other hand, SBT can celebrate The Noite’s numbers. A rerun with the dwarf Marquinhos had the best audience of 2024.
  • The Carioca Championship continues without being able to surpass 2 points in the Band’s prime time slot.
  • On Record, Pecado Mortal (2013-2014) and the series Chicago Med recorded the same audience rating.


See Thursday’s hearings (02/1/2023):

Good morning SP 7.7
Good morning Brazil 8.0
Meeting 6.2
More you 6.3
SP1 8.6
Globe Sports 9.5
Newspaper Today 10.2
Sand women 12.7
Afternoon Session: Rhythm Total 2 – The New Beat 10.0
Tropical paradise 13.4
They for Them 14.7
SP2 17.2
Fuzuê 18.7
National Newspaper 23.1
Reborn 26.2
Big Brother Brasil 24 20.5
This is Us – Family Stories 9.8
Globo newspaper 5.7
BBB Network 5.1
Fuzuê 4.5
Go Cola 4.0
Hour 1 4.8
Morning General Balance 1.7
General Balance Morning SP 2.7
General Balance Morning SP 3.4
Speak Brazil 3.9
Nowadays 3.8
SP General Balance 6.4
The Promised Land 6.1
City Alert 6.0
City Alert II 6.0
City Alert III 7.6
City Alert SP 9.1
Record newspaper 7.7
Jezebel 5.0
When Calls the Heart 4.2
Mortal sin 2.3
Chicago Med 2.3
JR 24h 1.8
Speaks, I hear you 0.9
Love school 0.5
First Impact 2.3
First Impact II 2.4
Chiquititas 2.6
Teresa 1.7
Gossiping 2.0
The Cat 3.3
Abyss of Passion 3.9
My Fortune is to Love You 4.2
SBT Brasil 4.1
The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet 4.3
The Adventures of Poliana 4.7
Mouse Program 4.5
The square is ours 5.1
The Night 4.1
Operation Mosque 2.9
SBT News on TV 1.9
Awaken Brazil 0.3
Let’s go Brazil SP 0.1
Let’s go Brazil 0.1
The Chef 0.3
Open game 1.5
SP Open Game 3.0
The Owners of the Ball 2.3
Best of the Afternoon 0.9
Brazil Urgent 3.2
Brasil Urgente SP 3.3
Band Newspaper 4.1
Best of the Night 2.4
Carioca Championship: Fluminense x Bangu 1.7
Vikings 1.3
Night news 1.2
Total Sport 1.0
Olympic BandSports 0.8
+Info 0.6
Jornal da Band (representation) 0.7
BandNews Newspaper – First Newspaper 0.5

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