‘She believes in ETs and fairies’


Yasmin Brunet at BBB24

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Yasmin Brunet35 years old, caught attention when performing a ritual with crystals in BBB24. Luiza Brunet, the model’s mother, revealed that her connection with mysticism goes back to her childhood.

“Since she was little, around 3 or 4 years old, she liked to create ET stories, hug trees, take care of animals. She contemplated and got emotional. She was always interested in something more spiritual. She always talks about the beings she believes in. piously, the ETs, gnomes, fairies, mermaids… She grew and became more and more interested. She has many books on the subject and performs many rituals. Yasmin believes that there has to be something more than all that. And there was none my influence, except that her father and I always took her to places with a lot of nature and animals. She learned this issue of respect. When you have respect for nature you become a more sensitive being”, he said Luiza Brunetin an interview with Anna Luiza Santiago, from the newspaper The globe.

Yasmin’s mother also commented that the model did not enter the reality show thinking about money, perhaps motivated in some way to show herself to the world, since she always receives judgment on the web.

Luiza and Yasmin Brunet

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“I think it’s a very personal thing, there’s no way to know exactly, even though we have a very good relationship. But she didn’t go there motivated by money or anything like that. I think Yasmin is such a judgmental woman that this is a way of showing who she really is. I believe that’s it. I supported her decision. I said: ‘Be true. The truer you are, the more you will impress your personality, your lifestyle and your way of thinking. ‘”, he declared.

Asked if she has any idea what Yasmin will do with the millionaire prize if she wins the program, Luiza doesn’t take any chances. According to her, her daughter is discreet when it comes to finances, in addition, she is not a person who spends, on the contrary, she likes to save: “She is a bit of a pushover. She is worried about the future.”

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