Urgent! Paulo Mathias leaves Jovem Pan in the lurch after 4 years and the reason involves SBT


Paulo Mathias left the channel and should go to SBT (Image: Reproduction / Jovem Pan)

Paulo Mathias will leave the Young panafter resigning this Wednesday (31), after finishing the presentation of the Morning Show.

The decision was confirmed through a note, sent to F5, highlighting that the channel and the presenter made the decision by mutual agreement:

“Throughout this period, Paulo’s competence and commitment were fundamental to the audience success achieved in several projects carried out together. Grupo Jovem Pan would like to thank and wish Paulo Mathias success.”

TV Pop also announced that Paulo, who was at the now former broadcaster since 2020, should move on to SBT and has even recorded a test.

After leaving Jovem Pan, Paulo Mathias should remain at a rival broadcaster

The journalist participated in the filming of the Come closerwhich has been presented by Regina Volpato It is Michelle Barrosand which is scheduled to premiere in March on the mornings of the TV channel. Silvio Santos.

The test took place last Monday (29) and rumors suggest that the new hire had great chemistry and a surprising performance with his future colleagues on the bench.

Vice-president of SBT, Daniela Beyruti is responsible for the reformulation that has been taking place in the company. Those who were also tested for the morning were Luís Ricardo and Darlisson Dutra.

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