Davi’s wife, from ‘BBB 24’, tells how their love story began: ‘I asked him to live with me’

Davi’s wife, from ‘BBB 24’, tells how their love story began: ‘I asked him to live with me’
Davi’s wife, from ‘BBB 24’, tells how their love story began: ‘I asked him to live with me’

The popularity of Davi, from “Big Brother Brasil 24”, went beyond the limits of the program and even boosted the fame of his wife abroad, Mani Reggo, who saw the number of followers multiply. Within confinement, the 21-year-old has already referred to his beloved at different times, drawing public attention to the couple.

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Mani says that, when the two met, she called Davi “Brito”, her nom de guerre. The brother was her client at the tent where she works, located in front of the General Hospital of Salvador, commanded by the Army, where he served as a soldier. One fine day, the saleswoman decided to ask a mutual friend if the app driver had a girlfriend. Upon learning of Mani’s interest, Davi suggested that they talk via message.

— After a week, we decided to leave. And we stayed together for a whole weekend. That Sunday, I invited him to live with me, since I lived close to the barracks where he served and it took David more than an hour to get there from his house — explains the trader.

Following her husband’s day-to-day life on the reality show, the social worker also confesses to having had bouts of crying after seeing him being “excluded” in the game, mainly by Wanessa Camargo and Yasmin Brunet:

— I wonder what world these people live in, seeing something wrong in a person who just wants to please. His essence is like this. I was very sad about all of this, especially the prejudiced speeches of some people.

Regarding the most emphatic way in which the Bahian position himself in the house, she explains that, out here, some things also tend to get him serious. But they resolve everything with dialogue.

— Every couple fights. David was always agitated and, among us, this also happens. But we talk, because, despite his young age, he is very mature. What really stresses him out is the chaotic traffic in Salvador. And, if he sees an injustice being committed, he speaks out. He often came to my tent with a hot head talking about some injustice he had witnessed — says the 42-year-old woman.

Loud snoring and clean feet

The boy’s snoring also caused a stir during confinement, a reason for Yasmin’s complaint. The model said she couldn’t sleep with the noise. Mani says that her husband also tends to snore loudly at home and that, for her, this is not a big problem, but the agreement between them is that she wakes him up so he can turn over in bed to reduce the noise.

— Either I shake Davi or I go to another room. But, when he turns around and doesn’t see me, he starts calling me — highlights Mani, revealing that another of her husband’s habits is washing his feet thoroughly: — Even today, when he goes to take a shower, he washes his feet a lot. The origin of this lies in the work he did as a water seller in the Lapa neighborhood as a child, which left his feet covered in mud at the end of the day. He hated that. I cried a lot when he told me this story.

Is David’s wife jealous of Isabelle?

For the seller, her partner’s friendship with Isabelle is something very positive. The duo met during the formation of this edition’s pull, and both were chosen by the public to enter the game.

— I see myself being Isabelle. I see her saying things and I see myself in her a little. It’s good that he has that figure there. I like her, she’s more mature — praises Mani, already making plans to visit the Parintins Folklore Festival, where the Amazonian sister dances defending the colors of the Boi Garantido: — It’s always good to get to know new cultures.

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