Pedestrians have a day marked by bullshit and almost giving up


On the eve of the formation of the ninth farm of A Fazenda 2023 (Record), the pedestrians in Itapecerica da Serra had a busy day.

Amid the strategies and directions for the formation of the ninth hot seat, the pedestrians got involved in several disputes, which were responsible for crying, shouting and even the almost giving up of one of the participants.

Furthermore, Kally revealed the secret she claimed to know about Lucas Souza.

Check out the highlights:

Paiol plans ninth farm

In the tree house, Paiol thought about how the next garden could be formed.

Shay: “I believe Jaque will put Yuri on.”

Cezar: “I wanted to go around the house because then I’ll pull one.”

Shay: “You go through the house. You have to pull André. It’s the best option. I thought and rethought a lot.”

Kally: “If she’s looking at the possibility of having someone else and not you, and you going around the house, I think she’ll do it.”

Lily causes new punishment

A Fazenda 2023: Lily caused another punishment in the house

Image: Reproduction/PlayPlus

Lily was the cause of yet another punishment, the seventh she had caused at headquarters.

While taking care of the week’s rubbish, the woman forgot and went downstairs without her galoshes to carry out the task.

Upon seeing Radamés with the galoshes, Lily went back to put them on, but to no avail. The production sounded the punishment bell and the celebrity apologized for what happened.

The singer also had a brief argument with Nadja after the punishment.

Lily: “Huh, what’s the problem? You’ve already been punished too, Nadja.”

Nadja: “But you’re a champion, old man.”

Lily: “Yeah, sorry, guys. It was by accident, I knocked, I called, I came back.”

Nadja: “Without bread, what are you going to eat in the morning?”

Lily: “Hey, eat fruit.”

Nadja: “How many times already? Oh man, f*ck, pay attention.”

Black and Lucas fight dynamically

A Fazenda 2023: Lucas and Cezar fall out in action

Image: Reproduction/PlayPlus

After Jaquelline’s group won a sponsored dynamic, Cezar and Lucas shouted and fought.

Cezar: “It’s okay, saying it’s smoke isn’t.”

Andrew: “Bomb is from the game, from the dynamics.”

Cezar: “Hypocrisy.”

The cameras and audio of the action were cut and the signal from PlayPlus – the Record streaming service that broadcasts the program – redirected to the Colorado horse.

With the image still in Colorado, it was still possible to hear the two arguing.

Afterwards, a person from the production sent out the warning: “Attention, attention. Cezar in the living room and Lucas to the bedroom immediately.”

To allies, Black said that Lucas tried to slap him in the face.


. - Playback/PlayPlus - Playback/PlayPlus

A Fazenda 2023: Kally reveals Lucas Souza’s secret in conversation with Alicia

Image: Reproduction/PlayPlus

Still resonating the fight between Cezar Black and Lucas, Kally told Alicia

KalLy: “People hush things up like me. Once he used me to come down and show the photo. ‘Ah, friend, it’s because I have a story’ and that’s what I was going to say.”

Alicia: “Is that what you were going to say, about the photo?”

Kally: “It was. […] He arrived and told me outside that…”

Alicia: “He speaks!”

Kally hesitated and said it was “better to let him show himself”, but continued:

Kally: “He said he wanted to be rich and famous and that the wedding was something he planned to be rich and famous, that it wasn’t out of love. That’s what he told me. That he always had this dream. Then it happened, several articles out there. (…) And it was at any cost, to the point of making someone’s feelings…”

Alicia: “A springboard to move up in life.”

Kally: “He said he had changed, that he regrets it, but I don’t see any regret.”

Lucas thinks about ringing the bell

. - Playback/PlayPlus - Playback/PlayPlus

A Fazenda 2023: Lucas cries and thinks about giving up after fight with Cezar

Image: Reproduction/PlayPlus

Lucas isolated himself from the other pedestrians and cried in the animal area.

The pawn’s girlfriend, Jaquelline went to console him. He confessed that he was thinking about giving up the program.

Lucas: “Go back there, I want to be alone for a bit, okay? To think. I love you. I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

Given that: “Be cool. Don’t ring the bell. Please. Look here. Promise you won’t ring. Promise, Lucas.”

Lucas: “I am thinking…”

Given that: “Take a good look at me. I’m not going to take it. Are you listening?”

Afterwards, the pedestrian was comforted by Márcia Fu, who also advised him.

Marcia: “Are you going to let these people win? Ring the bell and leave without a penny, still pissed off? You’re going to arrive and think, my God, why didn’t I stay to spit in this scoundrel’s face again if he filled my mouth?” bag! Raise your head, let’s fight!”

Nadja and Jaque shout: ‘Ring the bell’

Jaque was irritated by Nadja’s comment earlier in the evening and shouted back at her.

Nadja: “[Lucas] There’s no shame in taking the photo of my friend Jojo and putting it here, so I can sleep with someone else. That’s what hypocrisy is.”

Jaque, who was present in the room, got angry and shouted at the guest. “Shut up, respect. I’m having my PMS, what the hell.”

Nadja: “Ring the bell”.

Given that: “Respect me!”

Nadja told the girl once again to ring the bell and Jaque left the room. The ex-BBB sat at the table, shaken, and cried.

Given that: “Ah, bro. I can’t take it anymore. She doesn’t stop sending indirect messages, I’m shaking. People don’t even respect chico’s time. All the time.”

Lucas comforted her.

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