Remember the story of Livre Para Voar, which is back on Globoplay this Monday

Tony Ramos, Carla Camuratti and Thaís de Campos Photo: Nelson Di Rago/Globo

Livre Para Voar, written by Walther Negrão, arrives in the Globoplay catalog this Monday (20). The soap opera, which aired in September 1984, revolves around two young people, Pardal (Tony Ramos) and Bebel (Carla Camurati), who land in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais, and fall in love. The city not only lent its name to the production but was also used for the recordings, bringing memories to wells and spectators.

Photo: Nelson Di Rago/Globo

The serial brought to the screen the secrets of love between the protagonists, with suspense about their true identities and origins.

Pardal, upon arriving in Poços, hides his real name and his past. He makes friends with Pedrão, a former train driver, and makes an old train carriage his home. In the house, he starts to shelter Gibi, a boy who ran away from an orphanage. Working in a junkyard, he meets Cristina, heiress and would-be employee of a crystal factory, with whom he falls in love.

Rodolfo Bottino and Elias Gleizer in Livre para Voar, 1984 — Photo: Acervo/Globo

But she also hides her true identity from him. Cristina is actually Bebel, daughter of the late factory owner, JJ, who, after her father’s death, returns from Portugal to take charge of the business. Bebel, then unknown to everyone, infiltrates the company as the coffee girl, to find out who is behind her father’s death.

When he discovers that his beloved is an heiress, Pardal feels betrayed and breaks up with the girl, but forgets that he himself has a lot to hide, starting with his real name, Paulo Alberto Ramos de Almeida Lima, an architect from Belo Horizonte.


In addition to Tony Ramos and Carla Camuratti, other good artists are part of the cast, remember who they are and what their characters are.

Actor actress Character
Tony Ramos Paulo Alberto Ramos de Almeida Lima (Sparrow)
Carla Camurati Maria Isabel Jardim Julião (Bebel) / Cristina
Carlos Augusto Strazzer Danilo
Dora Pellegrino Helena
Fernando Almeida Comics
Elias Gleizer Pedro (Pedrão)
Laura Cardoso Carolina
Nivea Maria Beatriz (Bia)
Cassio Gabus Mendes Eduardo (Edu)
Thais de Campos Julia (Julinha)
Jorge Dória Jardim Julião (JJ)
Edney Giovenazzi Alvaro
Suzana Faini Martha
Tiago Santiago Joaquim (Quim)
João Carlos Barroso Alvinho
Denise Milfont Jandira Montes da Silva (Janda)
Cléa Simões Iracema (Cema)
Abrahão Farc Your Lau
Vera Gimenez Lygia
Jorge Cherques Max
Elizabeth Henreid Dona Xida
Rogério Fróes Dr. Geraldo
Cassia Kiss Verona
Élida L’Astorina Tuca
Alexandre Frota Cecilio
Guida Viana Divine
Rodolfo Bottino Jairo (Jajá)
Tony Vermont “Uncle”
Paulo Cesar Grande Calio
Solange Theodoro Camila Campobello
Clarice Derzié Luz Heloísa (Helô)
Cassia Foureaux Rose
Oswaldo Campozana Seu Eurico
Eduardo Figueiredo Carlos (Carlao)
Débora Fucs Suzete
Soraya D’Ávila Herminia
Orion Ximenes Archaeus
Miguel Falabella Dr. Sergio

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