Kally uses the camera trap to get information from Lucas – A Fazenda 15

Kally uses the camera trap to get information from Lucas – A Fazenda 15
Kally uses the camera trap to get information from Lucas – A Fazenda 15

Lucas opened up to Kally and answered all of her friend’s questions on camera

Kally Fonseca interviewed Lucas Souza during the treatment of pigs in The Farm 15. The person is responsible for the treatment camera this week, and in addition to showing the step-by-step instructions for caring for the animals, she took advantage of the moment to get a lot of information from her friend.

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The singer started the work by asking about the feeling of being on the reality show. While Lucas got the tools to work, she explained to her friend that she loves the program, but had thought about giving up once: “I already wanted to ring the bell and leave“, he said. Kally was startled by what he said, but they both burst into laughter afterwards.

She also questioned whether the pawn studied the reality show. Lucas said no, as he never needed it: “I always watched a lot of Farmit was not for nothing that I fell in love with a person who participated in the Farmalso because of her trajectory, because I watched and supported”, he reported about his ex, Jojo Todynho.

The coach said that he followed almost every season, and this helped him see how people behaved in confinement. Lucas even mentioned the peahen, Deborah Albuquerquewho started the reality show very much in the spotlight and then calmed down and was eliminated: “The participant has to be consistent in the game.”

Kally went deeper and questioned why Lucas had asked Jaquelline Grohalski dating on Roça Day: “We got involved and I thought about the possibility of one of us being eliminated”, said the coach.

The singer also asked about friendship with Márcia Fu and cited the former athlete’s falsehood, but Lucas was incisive: “We don’t have a game with Márcia. But I won’t leave the side if I have an affinity with the person”, he pointed out.


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