Lucas and Black’s fight involved Jojo Todynho and accusation

Lucas and Black’s fight involved Jojo Todynho and accusation
Lucas and Black’s fight involved Jojo Todynho and accusation
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A Fazenda 15: Fight between Lucas and Black involved Jojo Todynho and accusation

This Monday afternoon (20) in “A Fazenda 15” was marked by widespread confusion and alleged aggression by Lucas Souza and Cezar Black. According to reports, the fight would have involved Jojo Todynho and accusations of orchestrating a sound car.

The conflict began during an activity between pedestrians, who were divided into two groups. After gaining momentum, Márcia Fu, from the winning team, provoked her rivals by humming “bomba”.

A member of the other team, Cezar Black was outraged by the mockery of the other pedestrians and retorted: “Ah, you can sing bombs, but you can’t smoke coming in? Hypocrisy!”

Also part of the winning team was reserve soldier Lucas Souza who, after Cezar Black’s reply, confronted the nurse.

The fight escalated into widespread confusion and the PlayPlus signal was interrupted. Despite this, after the fight was broken up, pedestrians reported what had happened.

What was the reason for the fight?

Lucas and Black would have attacked each other by mentioning the relationships in the house. In the confusion, Cezar cited the fact that the soldier had taken a photo of his wedding with Jojo Todynho, pointing out that it would be a game strategy.

Black: “He tried with Simioni and she cut him off. I was dying to get someone famous! Crazy, crazy! The guy having a relationship with his wife and the photo of his ex, from the wedding, on the headboard! It has to be very stupid, very well thought out for make a deal! When I told the truth, he went crazy. He started attacking me.”

In conversation with Márcia Fu, farmer Jaquelline said that Cezar Black also accused Lucas of orchestrating the sound car. Weeks ago, a vehicle equipped with loudspeakers warned Kally to stay away from Paiol, the group that Black belongs to.

Jacquelline: “I sell falsehood. Hypocrisy. I can’t even have my boy in peace. He doesn’t even respect our womanhood. These cowards. I wanted to take the boy away from him to cause an expulsion. He even said that the sound car came through Because of Lucas. Rotten! Hypocrite! Disgusting guy.”

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