Another couple? Pedestrians remember Shayan’s crush on Nadja Pessoa – A Fazenda 15

Another couple? Pedestrians remember Shayan’s crush on Nadja Pessoa – A Fazenda 15
Another couple? Pedestrians remember Shayan’s crush on Nadja Pessoa – A Fazenda 15

Summarizing the News

  • After Black’s dating request to Kally, the pedestrians were excited about another possible couple
  • Shay’s crush on Nadja resurfaced
  • The former paioleiros were embarrassed by the pressure from their friends
  • Even Márcia and Radamés got into the mood and hugged

Will Nadja and Shayan be the next couple in love on A Fazenda 15?

The courtship of Cezar Black It is Kally Fonseca inspired other pedestrians The Farm 15! In the romantic atmosphere, participants recalled that Shayan ever had a crush on Nadja Pessoa, and tried to rekindle the flames of the Iranian’s passion. Is there a new couple?

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after the dating request from Black to Kally, the singer released powerful information to Nadja: “He [Shay] likes you“. At that moment, many pedestrians were in the room and went crazy with what they heard, singing the chorus: “Kiss, kiss.” They even replaced the heart on the tactical board with the new possible couple.

Nadja claimed that the Iranian didn’t even want her to go up from Paiol to the headquarters: “Say it to my face, Shay”, provoked the businesswoman. Radames Furlan took advantage of the opportunity to release another bombshell: “I’m going to tell you the truth, He already told me he likes youreally”, he shot and ran to the kitchen.

Shay said it was a lie and followed his friend laughing: “You bastard, come back here.” Inspired by the player, Tonzão Chagas revealed: “Today he almost fought with us, He did everything he could to give you money. I don’t understand, why did he do that?”, asked the funk player, citing the dynamics of appointment, where the last one left would win R$ 15 thousand.

Peace and a romantic atmosphere sealed the night of A Fazenda 15

Nadja fixed her hair aside and asked if it was true. Jaquelline Grohalski He noticed the girl’s attitude and started shouting that the businesswoman was into it too. The pedestrians took Shay to her crush and made them hug.

To cover it up, Shay tried to change the subject, claiming that the Athletes Group would return, as Radamés and Marcia Fu were close. They both joined in and hugged each other, leaving their nitpicking aside.

Watch the moment:

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From the movie kiss to the dating proposal, see what happened between Black and Kally:

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