Globo ends the year with serious problems and will have a new rival in 2024

Globo ends the year with serious problems and will have a new rival in 2024
Globo ends the year with serious problems and will have a new rival in 2024

Former global stars Grazi Massafera, Camila Pitanga and Giovanna Antonelli are now stars of HBO Max’s soap operas department

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The boss of Estúdios Globo, Amauri Soares, has tough challenges on the table. The Rio channel’s programming is facing difficulties. Starting with the three tracks of new television drama.

‘Elas por Elas’, at 6:30 pm, and ‘Fuzuê’, at 7:40 pm, have low ratings compared to the previous plots (‘Amor Perfeito’ and ‘Vai na Fé’, respectively) and in relation to the target.

Changes in the scripts are implemented in an attempt not only to attract more audiences, but also to retain current viewers, as the loyalty of soap operas is becoming more complicated every day.

The 9:20 pm serial, ‘Terra e Paixão’, records a partial average of 26 points, 2 more than its predecessor ‘Travessia’, however, far from the 30-point mark expected by Globo’s leadership.

After the arrival of new writers and changes to the plot, the soap opera improved, but not to the point of exciting social networks and being the subject of everyday conversations. Most react with indifference.

In January the remake of ‘Renascer’ premieres. The broadcaster hopes for a recovery in its noblest range, similar to what the second version of ‘Pantanal’ managed to do after the disastrous ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’.

The channel will not have an original Globoplay soap opera to help with nighttime viewership next year. The next production, ‘Guerreiros do Sol’, is in the final stages of recording, but the premiere will only be in 2025. The most recent production, ‘Todas as Flores’, repeated on TV the success achieved in streaming, in the press and on the internet .

Comfortable on open TV, where Record and SBT have stagnant teledramaturgy, with no soap opera reaching 10 points, Globo could have its life difficult on digital.

HBO Max will launch its first soap operas with 40 chapters. Regarding obsessive vanity, ‘Beleza Fatal’ has in its cast the ex-globals Giovanna Antonelli, Camila Pitanga, Camila Queiroz and Vanessa Giácomo, among other actors who until recently worked at Projac.

The version of the successful ‘Dona Beija’, shown on TV Manchete in 1986, also features former employees of the leading broadcaster on Ibope, such as Grazi Massafera in the title role, Debora Evelyn, Isabela Garcia and Érika Januza.

If HBO Max – belonging to the North American group Warner Bros. Discovery – achieve good acceptance of these productions (or one of them, at least), will become a powerful competitor to Globo and Globoplay, which are currently the most successful fiction producers on open TV and in the national streaming market.

The other big problem to be faced by the Marinho clan broadcaster is the lack of strong realities, with the exception of the ‘Big Brother Brasil’ phenomenon. The declining audience made her give up on ‘No Limite’ and declared the end of ‘The Voice Brasil’ after the season that starts this month.

A new confinement format linked to music was created by director Boninho’s team. Details are still kept confidential, although registrations opened at the end of October for the first season in the second semester.

Previous forays into the genre – ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’ (the fourth season starts in January), ‘Popstar’ (2017-2019) and ‘Super Star’ (2014-2016) – did not have exceptional results at Ibope.

Meanwhile, new realities are gaining an audience on streaming, such as ‘Ilhados com a Sogra’, from Netflix. To compensate for cancellations, Globo will need to buy formats or bet on ideas that surprise.

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