Alessandra Negrini reveals who her stunt double was

Alessandra Negrini reveals who her stunt double was
Alessandra Negrini reveals who her stunt double was

Tropical paradisea soap opera originally shown in 2007, will be rerun for the first time on Worth seeing again from November 27, 2023. In the plot of Gilberto Braga It is Ricardo Linhares, Alessandra Negrini plays the twins Paula It is Tais.

In a recent interview with TV Globo, the actress recalled some interesting facts about the backstage of the soap opera and also revealed, who was her stunt double in the scenes in which the twins acted together.


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According to Alessandra, although it was challenging work, playing the twins was also a pleasure: “In addition to the intense work, the artistic challenges of every character, but that was the good part! I would like to leave one and enter another. I liked this game”she stated.

Negrini said that his stunt double in Paraíso Tropical was the actress Lisa Eiraswho currently works as a casting preparer for TV Globo soap operas. “I had to record with a stunt double, and mine was wonderful, Lisa Eiras. She was also an actress, which helped, because we need to look each other in the eye. The other person has to be giving you something back, and they gave it to me.”explained the artist.

Curiosity about the ending of Paraíso Tropical

(SPOILER ALERT!) If you haven’t watched Paraíso Tropical yet, here’s a spoiler alert about the ending of the soap opera. Alessandra Negrini revealed a curiosity about the mystery surrounding the death of the villain Taís.

“No one knew, not even us! I recorded it on the day. I remember that Wagner (Moura, who plays the villain Olavo) gives Taís a kiss, with her already in his arms, dead. That was his improvisation.”said the actress, mentioning the character responsible for the death of the “evil twin”.

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