Prison, pregnancy and more: see the weekly summary of ‘Land and Passion’

Prison, pregnancy and more: see the weekly summary of ‘Land and Passion’
Prison, pregnancy and more: see the weekly summary of ‘Land and Passion’

In the next chapters of “Terra e Paixão”, between November 20th and 25th, Agatha will attack Aline and the girl will end up arrested. Caio will discover that his beloved is pregnant and the protagonist will agree to marry him.

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Monday, November 20th

Gentil asks Agatha to stay away from Jonatas. Tadeu orders Enzo to cover up the cooperative’s embezzlement. Agatha tells Antônio that she saw Aline taking a gun from Gentil. Antônio invents a mission for Petra and Luigi, in order to keep the couple away from the mansion. Irene proposes an alliance with Silvério against Agatha. Agatha picks up João from school and takes him to the farm. Aline threatens Antônio. Agatha attacks Aline, who is unconscious. Agatha shoots Antônio with Aline’s gun to incriminate the rural producer. Marino arrests Aline.

Tuesday, November 21st

Angelina finds Agatha’s coldness strange. Agatha propagates in the media that Aline shot Antônio. Ramiro tells Kelvin about Agatha and Antônio’s setup to frame Aline. Caio tells Antônio and Agatha that he will prove the family’s plot against Aline. Jussara faces Agatha. Sidney threatens Tadeu and his family. Jussara ends her relationship with Gentil. Irene surprises Antônio when she appears in the hospital room. Caio celebrates when he finds out that Aline is expecting her child.

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Wednesday, November 22nd

Vinícius has memories with Irene. Tadeu tells Gladys that they are at risk of death. Irene tells Petra and Luigi that the assassination attempt on Antônio is a setup, to put Aline in jail. Petra comments to Hélio that she suspects that Agatha is not as good as she seems. Hélio makes it clear to Agatha that he no longer believes in his mother. Graça tells Tadeu to go to the police and tell him that he is being threatened by Sidney.

Thursday, November 23

Graça tells Tadeu that he should go to the police. Jurecê tells Caio that Agatha has the power to destroy. Vinícius reveals to Iraê that she brings him joy. Irene is surprised by Graça’s reaction, who doesn’t let her walk with Danielzinho. Anely finds out from Nina that Tadeu is producing a Queen Delícia film. Aline gets the release permit. Anely fights with Berenice after accusing her of stealing her character. Jussara, Caio and João celebrate the teacher’s return home with Aline.

Friday, November 24th

Marino notices that Angelina is disconcerted in her statement about Agatha. Antônio guides Ramiro’s testimony. Tadeu is terrified when he receives new threats from Sidney. Anely tells Luigi that she will fight for the role of Queen Delícia in the movies. Irene seeks out Ademir to be her ally and unmask Agatha. Marino concludes that Agatha and Antônio lied, after Ramiro’s testimony. Anely is moved by Lucinda’s positive reaction when her sister finds out that she is Queen Delícia. Graça summons Marino to her house and forces Tadeu to reveal information about Nice’s murder to the police chief.

Saturday, November 25th

Marino listens to Tadeu. Aline tells Caio that she will marry him. Angelina catches Agatha putting an herb in Antônio’s food. Irene listens to Marino propose a deal to Tadeu to capture Sidney. Lucinda advises Anely to talk to Enzo about participating in the film. Agatha doesn’t like knowing that Antônio is thinking about making Luigi his successor. Irene orders Ramiro to take Sidney’s life. Gladys asks Tadeu for a divorce. Ramiro tells Kelvin that Irene was responsible for Daniel’s death. Graça is scared when Irene tells her that she plans to end Agatha. Vinícius and Iraê kiss. Petra asks Hélio if he is running away from something. Ramiro threatens Sidney.


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