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A Fazenda: Lily Nobre wins the Fire Trial


Lily Nobre did better in the dispute against Radamés and Alicia X and won the Trial of Fire in The Farm 15. In the activity, where pedestrians dived into a water tank and had to “rescue” fish caught on hooks and place them on a mural.

As the dynamic was based on time, the singer did it in a better time and will use the Power of the Flame when forming Roça.

In addition to the two losers, Alicia X and Radamés, Tonzão and André Gonçalves went to Baia.

Shortly before the dispute, Adriane Galisteu revealed the power chosen by the public for the winner of the Fire Test

The power of the Orange Flame was chosen by the public. According to Adriane Galisteu, the option selected by the spectators was option B: Choose a resident of the bay who can be voted for the position of second roceiro.

The power of the White Flame will only be revealed live, during the formation of the field.

To find out who would compete in the dynamics, a draw was held. Lily, Alícia, Nadja and Márcia took the red balls and were left out of the test at first.

Yuri, Tonzão, WL, Cezar, Kally and Radamés took the yellow ball and were able to compete for Lampião. However, as WL and Cezar participated last week, the pawns passed the turn to Lily and Alícia.

Shay, André and Lucas took the white balls and each of them had to veto a pawn who took the yellow ball from taking the test. Shay vetoed Yuri; André vetoed Kally and Lucas vetoed Tonzão. With that, Radamés, Alícia and Lily went down to compete in the Fire Trial.

Luigi Civalli

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