see the premieres of films and series of the week

see the premieres of films and series of the week
see the premieres of films and series of the week

November is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that releases have stopped reaching the main streaming platforms, or in cinemas. On the contrary, this is another week full of options, where the highlight is Round 6: The Challengewhich is a reality show inspired by the series of the same name, and which is also exclusive to Netflix.

Still on the platform, there is the arrival of romance Last Call to Istanbul, which has everything to be the platform’s new favorite feature film. Cinemas, on the other hand, receive Napoleonwhich features Joaquin Phoenix as the French emperor and directed by Ridley Scott.

Disney Plus, in turn, will have a special celebrating the series’ 60th anniversary Doctor Who, with many surprises for his fans. And finally, Amazon Prime Video receives the third season of the comedy reality show LOL: If you laugh, it’s over!Check out the full list!

1. Round 6: The Challenge – Season 1 (November 22)

There were many spectators who would have liked to have participated in the fearsome scavenger hunts. Round 6. And for these people, the platform itself gave a chance, precisely with a reality show that will bring all the activities that made the series so famous. Of course without hurting anyone, but with a lot of money for the big winner.

Round 6: The Challenge

Photo: Netflix / My Series

To carry out the program, 456 people were chosen, of the most varied ages and nationalities who, like the series, will need to compete in competitions where only one participant will win the prize of 4.45 million dollars, something around R$ 22 million . And it’s not enough to just overcome the challenges, but also know how to live in a group and form alliances with other participants.

two. Last Call to Istanbul – (November 24)

Last Call to Istanbul It’s another one of those films that has everything it needs to be on the platform’s list of favorites. Whether for the story, with a romance worthy of a fairy tale, as well as for the twists and turns that the plot promises.

Last Call to Istanbul

Photo: Netflix / My Series

The film focuses on Mehmet, a 30-year-old man who, at JFK airport in New York, ends up having his suitcase exchanged with someone else. She is Serin, a beautiful woman who ends up embarking on a fun and romantic trip around the city. The problem is that they are both married and now they need to find the best way to deal with this and resolve the troubled situation.

3. Napoleon (November 22)

The film about one of the most famous emperors in history will finally hit theaters this week. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, who won the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in The joker, everything indicates that the actor could receive his second statuette due to his performance in the film. Furthermore, it is directed by Ridley Scott who, although he has never won Best Director, has already won Best Film for Gladiator.


Photo: IMDB / My Series

The story of the film shows Napoleon Bonaparte’s journey as emperor of France. During the period, he faced long battles, many of them thanks to his military strategies, many of which are still used today. The plot also highlights his relationship with Josephine, his wife and great love of his life.

4. Doctor Who – 60th Anniversary Special (November 25th)

One of the most famous series of all time is turning 60 years old. And to celebrate the date, Disney Plus, in partnership with the BBC channel, will bring a three-episode special that will be a gift for all fans. They will be available weekly, starting November 25th.

Doctor Who – 60th Anniversary Special

Photo: Disney Plus / My Series

The special will also mark the return of David Tennant in the role of the protagonist. Now, Doctor Who will need to face a dangerous threat, which could put the life of the hero’s former companion at risk. There will also be more surprises for fans, such as the return of old characters from the series.

5. LOL: If you laugh, it’s over! – Season 3 (November 24)

Amazon Prime Video’s most famous and funniest reality show will get a new season this week. LOL: If you laugh, it’s over!, as the name suggests, is a program where participants do everything to make their competitors laugh. The one who resists and doesn’t laugh until the end wins.

LOL: If you laugh, it’s over!

Photo: Prime Video / My Series

For this third season, Fabiana Karla and Tom Cavalcante will be in charge of the program. The participants will have big names such as Ed Gama, Júnior Chicó, Paulinho Serra, Rodrigo Marques and Suzy Brasil.

Now that you know what will debut this week, just write everything down in your diary, prepare the popcorn, and check out all the best streaming services here in Brazil. Stay tuned here on Minha Série and stay up to date!

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