Shay and Nadja? Pawns encourage new couple


On Sunday night (19), after the discord game, the pedestrians went to the room and there encouraged Shay and Nadja to kiss in A Fazenda 2023 (RecordTV).

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It all started when the person questioned the Iranian about why he didn’t want her to go up from Paiol to headquarters, in the first week of the program. “Why didn’t you want me to come up? Tell me to my face now!”, asked Nadja.

Kally Fonseca gets involved and says: “Because he likes you!” Tonzão also intervenes and confirms: “I’ve already heard about that.”

At that moment, all the pedestrians get excited and start shouting at the two: “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

They keep going: “It’s going to happen! It’s going to happen!” Person responds: “The Farm became Vai Dar Namoro! You guys respect me.”

Radamés confesses: “I’ll tell you the truth, Nadja, he already told me that he really likes you!”

Nadja asks: “Shay, seriously? They’re joking, it’s a lie!”

Cezar Black takes a duvet and puts it on top of the two pawns. They just hug, but the others ask: “Selinho! Selinho!”

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