Changes promised by SBT should affect the competition – Prisma

Changes promised by SBT should affect the competition – Prisma
Changes promised by SBT should affect the competition – Prisma

Tirullipa is one of SBT’s new signings

It is still difficult to say when it will be possible for SBT to announce its news for 2024.

Among new daily programs for the morning and afternoon, Virgínia Fonseca on Saturdays, the Tirullipa sitcom and even changes, as far as possible, in prime time, there are other projects being studied to complete a more competitive schedule.

“Everything in its own time, without fuss and a lot of attention, to reduce the margin of error as much as possible”, is what a director there always repeats, when encouraged to advance something and about the need to install this work on a secure basis.

SBT stopped in time exactly 20 years ago, at the moment when Silvio Santos, contrary to his own characteristics, was convinced to be more moderate and make television without major investments in its production – “a good, cheap TV”. The rest is history! In other words, neither one thing nor the other. In addition to impoverishment, many mistakes were made and they had a very high price.

It was a stop in time and space.

Regardless of what comes in 2024, this is already one of the healthiest moves for the entire market.

A stronger SBT, once again able to compete, will do enormous good for the entire market. Including its main competitors.

Then the challenge

Having thousands of followers on social networks, most of the time, only leads to certain celebrities doing well with their businesses.

This audience does not migrate to TV. Once, Roberto Justus was even warned about the problems he would have with “The Apprentice” only with influencers. It was a failure. As it happens, he didn’t have any more after that.

Virgínia Fonseca: success on the Internet, doubt on TV

Mutatis, mutandis

This is a problem that SBT will have to manage in the best way possible: knowing exactly what to do in developing a good format for Virgínia Fonseca’s program.

And, forget that she has almost 45 million followers. There is no transfer. Or at least never had.

They also deserve

For some time now, the use of drones has become very useful in different journalistic and even sports coverage. In fact, a job that has become essential on some occasions.

And, in all cases, it is worth remembering, there must be a need to give credit to its operators.


And as one thing is one thing and another thing is completely different, those responsible for the drone overflights yesterday morning at Guarulhos airport must be discovered and jailed.

Apart from the disruption, interrupted landings and take-offs, the danger this represents.

It goes like this

There is no movement that indicates a second schedule for a new soap opera on SBT.

No way. This would require renovations and even the construction of studios, something that, at least until now, has never been considered.

About that

There remains uncertainty about what the next SBT soap opera will be. Nothing has been decided. The recording of “The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet” is still a long way off.

According to cast members, until April at the earliest.

Brenda Haddad plays Anaid in “Jezebel”
Edu Moraes

Programming – 1

From this Monday onwards, in place of “Reis”, Record will begin re-exhibiting the super-production “Jezabel”, a series written by Cristianne Fridman, directed by Alexandre Avancini.

In its cast, Brenda Haddad, Lidi Lisboa, André Bankoff, Juliana Knust, Adriana Birolli, Rafael Sardão, Juan Alba, Monica Carvalho, among others.

Programming – 2

Starting this coming Saturday, “Cidade Alerta”, in its Saturday editions, will be divided into two parts, one before and one after “Jornal da Record”.

The second only with articles by Celso Russomanno.

In question

The information is that Manuela Dias, in addition to the synopsis, has already delivered the first chapters of the remake of “Vale Tudo”.

The problem is that there is still no official position from Globo on the possibility of going into production.

Wide open

What can be seen is that Globo is, every day, turning more and more to its “glorious past” of soap operas, to partially solve its present problems.

A simple consequence of no longer being able to count on as competent a team of authors as we had in the past.

Juliana Paiva will be in ‘A Vovó Sumiu’
João Miguel Jr.

Start from the beginning

Globo will start recording “A Vovó Sumiu”, the next soap opera at 7pm, in different parts of São Paulo, where the story will take place.

Nathalia Dill, Juliana Paiva, Renato Góes, Arlete Salles and Raphael Logam are some actors already defined for this first stage of work.


The “Open Game”, on Band, has had its format established for years, with presenter Renata Fan and several participants.

Its importance for the broadcaster’s audience has already been highlighted here. The ideal world would just be to avoid talking over each other, so that those at home can understand. The same happens on Bruno Vicari’s program on ESPN.

Bate – Rebate

• The winners of the 51st edition of the International Emmy will be announced this Monday at the award’s gala ceremony in New York…

• … It is always a time of great expectation for our main vehicles.

• In addition to starring in the romantic comedy “Não Tem Volta”, alongside Manu Gavassi, which hits theaters on the 23rd, Rafael Infante also composed and sings the film’s original song…

• … The song, of the same name, has already ended up on the best platforms in the industry.

• The recordings of “Praça”, with Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega reinstated, will resume this Wednesday.

• Mafê Medeiros is confirming his casting in “Reis – A Decadência”.

• In parallel with her work at HBO, Camilla Queiroz records a new season of “Casamento à Cegas – Brasil”.

• Claudia Leitte, as a former judge, will be one of the guests on the last season of “The Voice” on Globo. Fafá de Belém, ditto, on the same date.

• Tomorrow, SporTV will open broadcasts of Brazil and Argentina at Maracanã, 1h30 before kickoff…

• … The game will be narrated by Luiz Carlos Jr., with comments by Lédio Carmona and Ricardinho.

The article is in Portuguese

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