The Lesson: discover real cases that inspired the Netflix drama


The Korean series The lesson (The Glory), which became a hit on Netflix, not only impresses audiences with its gripping plot of abuse and revenge, but also finds roots in real events. Starring Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun, the drama puts a spotlight on a social problem that affects the emotions of young people around the world: bullying in schools.

As we have already revealed here on Minha Série, the creator of the series, Kim Eun-sook, felt compelled to talk about the serious problem of school bullying that has long plagued South Korea after an in-depth conversation with his daughter.

Part of the research carried out by the screenwriter took place through conversations with several victims of school violence to understand the depth of the trauma they faced. See below which real-world stories were included in the plot of A Lição:

The case of bullying with curling iron

One of the most striking scenes in the series starring the character Dong-eun reflects a real event that occurred in 2006 in Korea. In the drama, the young woman is brutally attacked by Park Yeon-jin and her group when she is burned with a hair straightener, resulting in terrible injuries.

Moon Dong-eun suffered physical and psychological abuse at the school where she studied.Source: Netflix

In real life, a girl in the ninth year of school was the target of attacks by three classmates who tortured her for 20 days at a girls’ school in Cheongju. The attackers used a curling iron to cause the burns.

The young woman had to be hospitalized for six weeks and only one of the attackers was arrested, while the school and teachers received “administrative measures”. The similarity between the scene in the series and the real case is strikingdemonstrating the harsh reality faced by many young people in the country and around the world.

The relationship between social class and bullying

The social inequality present in the drama portrays not only a common case of bullying, but a scenario that is common in the production’s country of origin. According to research carried out by The Conversation, environments with greater financial and social inequality tend to present more cases of bullying.

This is what happens in the context of the victim protagonist and her attackers. While Moon Dong-eun comes from a poor family, Park Yeon-jin, her main bulli (aggressor) takes advantage of the privileges that her rich family has, such as being protected by teachers and the police.

High rate of bullying and suicide among young people

Despite government measures adopted to combat bullying, such as the Special Law on School Violence Prevention of 2004, South Korea still faces high rates of suicide among young victims of bullying.

Park Sung-hoon plays one of the attackers in the drama, young Jeon Jae-Jun.Source: Netflix

The series’ dark reality sheds light on a deep and complex problem in Korean society. The increase in reports of bullying, which doubled in just five years in the Asian country, highlights the urgency to address this issue and offer support to victims – and that we, Brazilians, must also pay attention.

The Lesson not only entertains, but also raises important discussions about the real world, highlighting the need for social change to protect young people and create safer and more equitable environments.

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