10 absurd “predictions” from The Simpsons that came true


Moments from The Simpsons that came true!


The Simpsons is an old cartoon, but it still receives new episodes today due to a large fan base, most of whom must have already seen at least a few episodes of the series. However, one of the main things that marked the work was its “predictions”something that appears or is mentioned in an episode that seems like it will never happen, but years later it becomes reality.

In this list, you can see 10 absurd Simpsons predictions that came true!

Lady Gaga at the Superbowl

The episode Lisa Goes Gagawas launched in 2012 and shows Lady Gaga visiting the city of Springfield. Eventually the singer makes a musical performance, where flies through the audience and then plays a piano.

In 2017Lady Gaga performed at Superbowl, reproducing what happened in the episode of The Simpsons. She started singing her older hits like poker face and was raised above the audience and to close it rang Million Reasons on the piano.

Horse meat being served

The episode The Song of the Sweet and Dangerous Skinner was released in 1994 and shows the Springfield school principal being fired and replaced by Ned Flanders. In that same episode we can see the local cook using horsemeat to make lunch for the children.

The moment is funny in the series, but unfortunately it became a reality. In 2013 a major scandal revealed that 29% horse meat it was used in Tesco burgers, even causing the product to be removed from Europe.

A three-eyed fish

In the episode called Three-Eyed Fishreleased in 1990, we know Blinky, a three-eyed fish that is the result of the Burns nuclear power plant, which affects the local fauna and flora. The creature appears a few more times after the episode, but what many didn’t expect was that there is a real-life version of it.

During the 2000s a Argentine fisherman decided to catch some fish near a nuclear plant. He ended up encountering a peculiar creature with three eyes, being surprised to find a rare specimen. But the fish was just an effect of the local nuclear power plant.


The episode called Lisa’s Weddingreleased in 1995, gives a glimpse of the girl’s possible future and brings some technologies that became true. Among them there is a moment where Hugh talks to his clockwhich recognizes your voice and does what you ask.

Many years later we are introduced to the Smartwatchesa smart watch that is connected to cell phone, already being an indispensable item for many people today. Even the voice commands It’s something that the item has, just presenting a very different look to what is shown in the episode of The Simpsons.

Tom Hanks in a US government commercial

In The Simpsons the Movie2007, Tom Hanks makes a small appearance in the film. While the family is watching TV, a commercial begins with a group of people at the Grand Canyon and then the actor appears saying “The United States government has lost its credibility, so it’s taking some of mine.”

In 2022, in the second year of the government of Joe Biden, Hanks participated in a commercial with the aim of renew trust in government. The actor comments on the determination of Americans to withstand the financial problems caused by COVID-19 and how the future could be promising under the Biden administration.

A pandemic

In the episode Marge Goes to Jail, released in 1993, shows the character spending time in prison. About that, Springfield suffers from an outbreak of a disease that came from another country and is affecting a large part of the city’s inhabitants.

The disease outbreak has some similarities with the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19, like having come from another country. Furthermore, during the episode people were asked to avoid leaving their homes and rest until a solution emerged.

Trump president

Bart in the Future is an episode released in 2000, which shows the boy seeing his future and that of his sister. Lisa became president of the United States, with the great mission of improving the economy after the passage of Trump by the presidency.

In 2016, donald trump won the elections and became president of United States. But in addition to predicting Trump’s presidency, the episode features a scene very similar to what happened. In the episode we see Trump descending a escalator while a group of supporters around him. The moment happened with the only difference that Lady Melania was with him.

Disney’s purchase of Fox

In the episode called When a Star Is Bornreleased in 1998, Homer meets Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger and decides to work for them. The character at a certain point calls some executives from Fox to give an idea for a film. In the next scene of the episode we see that the studio was purchased by Disney.

This is one of the most known of the cartoon and happened many years after the episode was released. In 2019, Disney announced that it would buy Fox for US$71 billion. In 2021 the purchase finally went through, making yet another Simpson moment come true.

Marijuana legalized in Canada

In the episode Midnight RX launched in 2005Homer, his father and Ned need to go to the Canada smuggling some medicines, as Burns ended the program with some medicines. When the group is in Canada, some inhabitants offer reeferinowhich is a local term for marijuana, which in the episode is legal in the country.

13 years later, in 2018O recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Canada. As a result, the episode that at the time didn’t seem like any of it would be real, ended up proving true in the future.

The God Particle

The episode The Wizard of Springfield released in 1998 shows Homer trying to become a great inventor as Thomas Edison. At a certain point in the cartoon, the character begins to write nonstop on the board, revealing it to be a complex Mathematical Equation.

What no one expected was that the equation would be almost the same as the God Particle, discovered in 2012. The British scientist simon singh commented at the time that much of the drawing’s equation resembled that of the God Particle and that it was surprising that Homer predicted the discovery 14 years earlier.

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