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No eggs! Alicia X generates punishment and revolt Nadja Pessoa – A Fazenda 15

No eggs! Alicia X generates punishment and revolt Nadja Pessoa – A Fazenda 15
No eggs! Alicia X generates punishment and revolt Nadja Pessoa – A Fazenda 15

Summarizing the News

  • Alicia forgot the hose filling the bird side
  • The punishment siren sounded and everyone gathered in the room
  • The headquarters will run out of eggs until the next food replenishment
  • Nadja complained because her diet is based on food.

Nadja was shocked to learn that the headquarters had run out of eggs

When the siren sounds The Farm 15, pedestrians are already expecting terrible troubles! After Alicia X If you let the bird pond overflow, your thirst has been punished and you will run out of eggs until the next pantry is replenished. Nadja Pessoawho eats the food every day, was very upset.

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Pedestrians must change the water in the pond daily, and as the task takes time, they usually leave the hose open filling the place and will perform other tasks. Alicia was taking care of other responsibilities, and she ended up forgetting to turn off the water. The siren sounded and headquarters took the punishment. The eggs only return at the next food replacement, which usually occurs on Fridays.

“What is this, guys, without eggs? Wow, what a mess. Without eggs for a week?”, asked Nadja with her mouth open, in shock. The girl continued complaining for a long time, after all, she eats eggs daily because she is not a big fan of meat.


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Remember the punishments of the infraction champions, Jaque and Lily:

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